Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nature's sense of humor

Last week
in an early Spring
we sat outside
and basked
in summer-like sunlight.

This week
nature has played
a little joke, and
covered our chairs
in fluffy, cold crystals.

White, cold snowflakes
are good too.
Soon the sun
will reappear
and melt them away.

Life is
ever and always
what it is.
Joy is available
in accepting every variation.

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  1. bonnie - i'm right with you!!! each morning there has been a dusting that usually disappears by the mid-morning. the canadian winter is a lot longer than in most places. have a lovely day. steven

  2. Hi Bonnie

    I love your adaptablilty and sense of humour...true signs of a happy woman...

    Happy days

  3. love that last line...
    each flavor is to be appreciated on its own...
    not compared to another...

  4. Quite often, "bad" news is simply news, maybe good news, you haven't gotten to know yet.

  5. It's been a tenacious winter. Just does not want to let go.

  6. Another great quote from Byron Katie.

    I was just thinking about the weather as it relates to biological systems this morning.

    Yesterday I was feeling very down and not seeing any appreciable recovery from my taxol side effects. This morning many of my aches are gone and I am much more energetic. But, before I start thinking recovery has arrived, undoubtedly I will soon experience the biological equivalent of a snow storm because nature does not follow a straight line in moving from one state to another.

    But, in its own meandering way, it gets there.

  7. here too, so we might as well accept what we are given and -platitude - "make the most of it".
    I do so dislike platitudes, but, by their very nature, they say exactly what they are meant to say.

    Sorry, I am having one of my contrary days, a bit depressed, a bit cantankerous, a bit whingey. )And I am not even a pom!)

  8. Ha! Because its sunny and 39 here I can chuckle at your plight today, but I may not be so inclined were it to happen here anytime soon. We still have plenty of snowbanks that are not fully melted!

  9. Isn't it odd that we hang on to the belief that we can change reality if we just think hard enough?

  10. I can relate to your surprise. I didn’t need a jacket on the weekend, and today we had snow, although it didn’t stick. I love snow in winter but not in spring. You are right to laugh at it. I started my novel S.A.D. (not yet published) with an Easter weekend snowstorm. It set the perverse mood. Shall we think warm, sunny thoughts?

    It was interesting hearing about your life as a therapist in the posts below. Most fascinating were the non-verbal queues and what a patient leaves out. I can see that you must be very good at what you do. I love the Dickinson and the Winnicott quotations.


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