Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little Celebration Giveaway!

I recently published my 400th post and will soon be welcoming my 200th follower!  With both 'milestones' happening in such close proximity it set me to thinking what a rewarding experience this blogging adventure has been.  It all began last June (2009) and has really been the impetus for my growing delight in photography.  I really had to work hard and stretch to measure up in the smallest way to the amazing photography discovered here in the blogosphere!  It has opened up a whole new avenue of expression for me and I owe much of it to all of you and your encouragement.

YOU, of course, are the best 'discovery' made throughout this process.  I have received and learned so much from all of you and am deeply grateful for your visits and comments here.  Visiting your blogs, in turn, has been a feast for the eyes, senses, mind and funny bone.  Encountering so many different points of view from around the globe has been truly enriching.

So to mark my 400th post and soon-to-be 200th follower AND to thank all of you who have graced me with your presence here, I want to offer a giveaway of one of my photographs.  There will be two winners - for no particular reason.  I have posted six 8 x 10 inch photographs from which you can choose the one you would like should you be picked by ''.  I will announce the TWO winners on this blog at 1:00 p.m. EST Friday, March 12th.  You do not have to have previously commented here to enter btw!

To enter you must:

*  simply leave a comment here, telling me which ONE photograph you would like to receive if you are randomly selected

*  make sure I can access you to get your email address, should you be one of the lucky two selected

If after announcing the 2 winners at 1:00 p.m. EST, Friday March 12th,  I do not hear back from you with your co-ordinates in 24 hours, the prize will go to the next in line in's selection.

#1 - Queen Anne's Lace Mosaic 

#2 - Tree Trunk After Rain

#3 - Pink Orchid

#4 - Winter Sunset Through Branches

#5 - Chicory

#6 - White Hydrangea Mosaic

Should you be one of the two chosen by, you will receive your choice of photograph (one only) in a minimalist (fancy word for inexpensive) black frame.  You will be able to hang and enjoy it right away, or you can mat it and encase it in a frame to match your decor.  I wish I could send a thank-you photograph out to everyone, ('regulars', occasional commenters, those who read but don't comment, etc.) but for now there will be only two selected.  Good luck to all!


  1. Congratulations on your bloggy milestones and what a great idea for a giveaway!

    My choice is #3 - Pink Orchid because it is gorgeous...

  2. congratulations, Bonnie.
    with or without a prize, I shall continue to pop in and read most of your next 400 posts.
    thy hydrangeas would be my choice.

  3. CHICORY!!! Stunningly gorgeous! That would look so awesome in my studio and would, has done already, inspire me to felt a merino version. Question is- am I feeling lucky???

  4. Delightful milestones - and maybe I should become an official "follower" instead of just clicking the link to you on my sidebar. I love the Chicoree - was that how it's spelled? Anyway - kudos!


    I love all of them but I choose, should I win #2. I love the detail of the colors and the crevices and worn look - it is weathered and strong - like me!! :-0

    Love to you

  6. Hi Meri: Chicoree is the British spelling, while chicory is the American. I have changed it since most of my visitors are from the USA. Canadians are often torn between the spellings they learned in school and the more common American versions which have eliminated any of the spellings related to French derivations - e.g. color instead of colour ..., airplane instead of aeroplane ...

  7. Bonnie, it's hard to choose between 'Winter Sunset' and 'Chicory' but I think I'll go with Winter. How very nice of you to do this! And congratulations on your milestones, which represent a lot of personal effort! I've often wondered how on earth you manage to do everything - your practice, your art, your away-from-the-computer life and your blog. Obviously you're a very efficient time-manager.

  8. after rain!

    congrats on the are a staple in my blog world...

  9. First Bonnie I need to send you my “f√©licitations” to have written so many posts in such a short time. It takes time, effort, imagination, creativity and dedication. Also 200 followers show how many people enjoy your blog as there may be at least twice as many who do not comment or did not push the “follow that blog” button. I feel quite puny with my anniversary arriving soon – I started my blog in late March 2009 and have written only about 60 posts so far (I rationalize though that since my posts are so very lengthy I can’t bore my readers too often and only post once a week or more!) Should I be fortunate enough in winning one of your beautiful pictures I would like no 1 the Queen Anne’s lace or No. 4 Winter Sunset. This is a gracious way to celebrate your anniversary – we should be the ones to send you a gift!

  10. Congratulations, first of all, on both building but also maintaining such a fascinating and educational blog! I have learned so much from you and it has been such an honor to journey on this path with you!

    I would be thrilled with any of these lovely photos but if I must choose... #5 it is!! What exquisite colors in that photo and it just screams joy to me! Thanks Bonnie!

  11. All of them are special, Bonnie...but I would choose #6-White Hydrangea Mosaic! Coming here has been a pleasure!

  12. I was going to comment (offering congratulations on the number of posts and the number of perceptive followers) without asking my name be put in for a chance at one of the two prizes.

    But avarice has over come me. I loved "Tree Trunk After Rain" when I first saw it here and love it still. So, please add my name to the list.

    And congratulations.

  13. hard to choose, Congrtulations! #4 Winter sunset through branches

  14. Congratulation on almost 200 followers and Happy 400th! And many more to come. I enjoy your thoughtful posts and lovely photos. Don’t bother entering me; I’ll be travelling and offline.

  15. Congratulations on your wonderful milestones! Please count me in with your giveaway. I love your photos!! #6 White Hydrangeas would be my fave!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Hugs, Silke

  16. Oooooo.... I'll go for the White Hydrangea Mosaic! Congratulations on so many posts and loyal followers Bonnie!

  17. The Queen Annes Lace is beautiful!

    congrats on the big blog landmarks you've hit! :)


  18. Hi Bonnie,
    It's Kathryn, your cleanse friend.
    Congratulations on your prolific posts and fabulous well as your phantastic photos. It I win, I'd like the Hydrangeas, #6.
    Actually, I like them all. The three distict stripes of colour in the sunset, the orchid looking away, the exuberant Queen Ann's Lace, the wonderful light on the tree after rain, the delightful stamens on the chicory flower. Sigh.

  19. I'm with Barry: Tree Trunk.

    And congratulations on putting one of the best blogs I know about out there. I love your blog, Bonnie.

  20. Congratulations Bonnie! #6 the favorite all time flower, captured perfectly by your photography.

  21. Oh, the orchid. No, the hydrangeas. Oh, any of them. All so beautiful.

    400 posts - 200 followers. Quite an accomplishment.

  22. Its always wonderful to read your blog Bonnie. I guess I didnt miss a piece since I became your 100th follower :))

  23. congratulations, lady! i'm especially lovin' #2 the tree - although it's a really hard decision! great blog! thanks so much for sharing all your beautiful work!

  24. Oh! And congratulations on both your 400th post and your 200th follower. You have a terrific blog, Bonnie, a real asset to the blog world.

  25. Hi Bonnie

    Well done on the consistently great efforts, your diversity, the beauty you show and create and your interesting discourses that provoke animated conversations...

    Hydrangeas for me please...

    Happy days


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