Thursday, March 4, 2010

life...just as it is...

It's always easy
to accept life
just as it is
when it is

The challenge is
to accept life
just as it is
in all its

Can I accept the reality
of not knowing,
the setback,
the pain,
the ugly?

Can I welcome
reality as it
shape shifts
and challenges me
to grow up?

The reality is
I can,
even tho' I resist.
Because reality IS
whether I accept it or not.

(Photos, mosaic, poetry by BZ, 2010)

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  1. yeah that is the trick. the harder times make the sweeter times all the better though. and the tough times, make great memories as well, once you are through...

  2. Well done, Bonnie.

    As you say, it's no problem to "Love What Is" when, as the Curly McLain in Oklahoma sings, "Everything's Going My Way."

    It's quite another to "Love What Is" when you're singin' the blues. Thing is, we're all going to have to sing our share of the blues.

    Learning how to sing the blues so people will want to listen, that's the trick.

  3. What a beautiful photo, Reality where we have to grow up, I can so relate to your words, Be well.

  4. We are conditioned to spend our lives trying to get what we want. The more difficult but more effective path is work on wanting what we get.

  5. Being at a place in my life, where I feel I could endure and accept what life brings...I find, sometimes it gives me pause and I question myself, wondering does that mean I care less or is it a way I soothe the present moment to alleviate my fears, what will be will be and what choice do I have, but to think positive.

  6. This is a beautiful thing Bonnie. And yes, I believe I can.

  7. Well and elegantly said, Bonnie.

    And Mark's (B&B) comment got a 'Ha!' (in a good way!)

  8. I always marvel when a disaster happens and others on the outside always comment about how strong, brave, enduring the victims are. I'm not surprised at all. What else is there to do? Lay down and die? No. You keep living day after day, coming to grips with your challenge, doing what you can to make life better.

  9. I spent a lot of years fixing all the things that were broken in my life, and I convinced myself that I could fix anything. But then I ran up against some things that couldn't be fixed, and I had to learn acceptance the hard way. I'm still learning. It's been a hard lesson for me.

  10. As someone with a tough life I've learned to accept my life as it is and it's a hard life but I'm coping because it's my reality

  11. I can't tell you how badly I want to smell the beautiful flowers and am so looking forward to seeing them soon.

    So much truth in your words today... the reality is I don't know... I have so far, but the ante is going up and I am preparing to lean in... against my wishes to escape.

  12. What you said is so true Bonnie. It is the essence of a happy life.

  13. Gorgeous photos and poetry that speaks to my soul. Perfect timing. Thanks!


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