Saturday, March 20, 2010

"...the flower of your whole life..."

Quiet and unnoticed
The flower of your whole life
Has opened its perfect petals.

~William Carlos Williams

Happy first day of Spring everyone!

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  1. oh it was gorgeous...hope tomorrow is too...rebirth, renewal and a ray of sunshine...

  2. thankyou bonnie - the first day of spring steered well away from the stereotype. it's snowing outside now. that's alright. i feel fortunate to be able to enjoy it no matter what. have a peaceful evening. steven

  3. A very apt quote for the day, which has dawned cool and wet over here. Nevertheless, we are off for a morning walk to enjoy the flowering mimosas.

    Happy Spring, Bonnie!

    (PS I dreamt last night that you lived next door to me!!)

  4. Happy spring to you too!

  5. SPRING -sproing sprung! Beautiful day, warm sunshine- loving it! I have the urge to clean but also to go to the woods, park, beach...I guess cleaning can wait until next spring...I LOVE the quote.

  6. made me smile - just like the flower and spring - a slow opening smile that felt easy and nice


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