Friday, March 12, 2010

And the Giveaways Go To ...

Twenty-three people entered this milestone giveaway.  Thank you everyone for participating.  I wish I could send everyone their selection.  Using's random sequence generator the two entrants who will receive framed prints are:

Vicky from The Westra World who selected 'Chicory':

And, Brian from WaystationOne who selected 'Tree Trunk After Rain':

Congratulations to you both!  I will notify you, in case you don't check in here, and begin to prepare your choices for shipping.  If I do not hear back from you (use my email address that you can find by clicking on "About Me") providing your full name and address in the next 24 hours, the next person on the sequence will receive the print.

Thank you again everyone for your kindness, interest, presence, encouragement and stimulating comments.   Another giveaway will come along soon for those not selected today!

One extra surprise giveaway will go to Cindy who turned out to be my 200th follower.  Thank you Cindy for being number 200!  You will receive 'Queen Anne's Lace':


  1. i'm so happy to be receiving the print!

    thanks so much!


  2. Yea to the winners -- and congrats on the loyal following.

  3. What lovely prints,, how have you been long time no hear,, How's your art coming,,


  4. Where was I? Congrats to the winner! These are great!

  5. woohoo! been ofline most of the day but got your email and i am stoked!

  6. Sweet! It was such a hard choice to make. I couldn't choose.


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