Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Your Wednesday flowers have arrived

Took these cropped shots last summer.  The green sections of the mosaic are eucaplyptus leaves, while the pink are the petals of a cleome blossom.  Hope they brighten your day.

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  1. I love your collages Bonnie. In fact they are inspiring me for my next body of work.

  2. thanks for the smiles bonnie. beautiful pics. flowers always mke the day dont they...

  3. They do indeed. Thank you, Bonnie! I confess I wish I could right-click here....

  4. Thanks for brightening my day :) I'm dreaming of the smell of Eucalyptus as I type.

  5. Thank you! That was exactly what I needed after slipping on the ice while walking the dog in the rain. I’ll take red and green over brown and gray.

  6. How funny I dreamed about this bug who had leaves similar to those above - the bug turned into a woman, who told me something ....

    anyway -BEAUTIFUL....made me smile to stop by


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