Sunday, February 28, 2010


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  1. That is beautiful and love the flowers. take care.

  2. Bonnie,
    This makes me think of times when I have been overcome with high emotion - both happy and sad - and been unable to express myself. It can feel almost like a shortcoming, being unable to pay adequate hommage to the emotion, mostly because, I guess, it's the most immediate way to share that with another human being.
    But much is said and appreciated in silence. Emerson was right.

  3. Exquisite, Bonnie. In silence I am wordless.

  4. beautiful...thanks for that moment...

  5. Hi Bonnie

    I love the silence...more particularly the absence of speech...there are so many instances that are ineffable....and we devalue their essence in trying to claim words to shroud them in.
    I think this is why I love metaphors and symbols...they can communicate with such depth and subtlety, yet require no sound...

    I also think that unless we befriend the silence and the absence of speech we can never hear the murmurs of our real selves.
    Sometimes talking is used to fill gaps and find comfort when we could be finding ourselves.

    Happy days Bonnie

    Happy days


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