Monday, February 1, 2010


Does one really have to fret

About enlightenment?

No matter what road I travel,

I'm going home.



To accompany the poem by Shinsho, I have posted two pictures of a Hindu goddess that spends her summers in the cavity of a hundred year old pear tree beside our house.  The squirrels are rattled by her presence and do all that they can to dislodge her from her summer home.  To no avail.  Foxes, raccoons and cats have all been spotted sniffing or staring at her.  She is never bothered and serenely holds her ground - always there waiting when we come back home.


  1. home has such a pull doesnt it. an as much as things try to pull us away (maybe not squirrels and foxes, except in metaphor) we still find solace there...

  2. It's a beautiful statue, and I love that it's placed in such an old tree. Glad the animals can't dislodge it! It's a nice thing to welcome you home.

  3. I love that! I may have to find a niche for something similar.

    And home, yes. We leave through the birth door, we return through the death door.

  4. She's obviously achieved inner peace if those guys can't disturb her.

  5. All paths lead to the same "home".

  6. I'm going home.

    These three little words must be amongst the most wonderful words anyone can say. The depth of feeling they convey is limitless. Home is where we will all end up eventually, so why all the stresses, the striving for more and more here in our temporary abode.

    A little niche like the niche your goddess lives in must be enough for all of us, encompass all the world we need.

    Bonnie, there's an explanation of 'miscellany' at Friko's. I'd love you to be a member.

  7. Is she wedged in their somehow? I would love to see that on film or tape... an animal discovering a shiny foreign object in a tree hollow and not knowing quite what to make of it all!

    The quote is speaking to me today, thanks for the reminder :)

  8. Squirrels are such busy, chattery creatures. Perhaps her wisdom brings them a small measure of peace.

  9. She is beautiful as must be the tree she resides in...

    Love the photos!


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