Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wild Nights!

Gail from "Know Your It's" has a  post today about finding her inner 'wild thing',  and it made me think of this poem I had in my 'ready-to-post pile' by Emily Dickinson.  I think Gail might be sharing the same sentiments this weekend as dear Emily, way back when, so I have posted this for her - and anyone else who may be planning a wild night this weekend.....

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  1. Emily Dickinson too!
    Another good friend of mine.
    Isn't it amazing, that a young woman, who spent her life in a rather enclosed environment, could write the passionate poetry she wrote.
    It's like Jane Austen writing her novels out of a world which had almost no outside stimulation in it. Aren't we poor compared to people like these two and others, our world is so full of distraction that we have hardly the time to think for ourselves.


    I SO appreciate this poem and I am honored and humbled to be in the same sentiment with Emily Dickinson!!! "Thank you" Bonnie. Woohoo!!

    Love Gail (wild thing)

  3. I've been known to get a little wild :) I just might "bend over and shake my tail feathers" at the dance tonight. Show those old folks that this young chicky-babe still has "IT". Whatever "IT" is! LOL!

  4. Enchanting, that poem is, especially considering the era and circumstances of its author. Happy Valentine's Day, Bonnie!


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