Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Fall gently,
until covered
by your mystery
I feel held,
by love.

Fall quietly,
Until covered
in your silence
I hear the melody,
of splendor.

Fall delicately,
Until enveloped
in your blanket
I know the healing,
of grace.

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  1. smiles.

    beautiful pictures.

    beautiful words.

    love me some grace.

  2. Describes just how I feel after a storm and I go out, when the yard and field are blanketed in perfect undisturbed deep snow and there's not a sound to be heard or movement to be seen.

  3. Lovely poem. Did you write it? I would think that after growing up in a JW household it would take some time to recover some appreciation for the divine.

  4. Amazing, Bonnie. Beautiful poem and photos. I love how you do that collage effect. I wonder where you figured that out. Hmmm. Love your photography. xoxo B

  5. Brian: I'm sure you know how to attract grace!

  6. Wanda: It feels like a temple or sanctuary of white, doesn't it?

  7. Oh Bonnie that was just beautiful..the words so silky and perfect! The beautiful hon!
    Thank you for sharing that!! Hugs, Sarah

  8. Dan: Took those pictures after snow fell all day up here in the 'far north'. Yes, it is my poem - wrote it quickly to go with the mosaic.

    While I was encumbered by rules and doctrines with the JWs, I still had a special, private relationship with the divine, fed and nourished by my connection to nature and beauty.

    I have had to re-evaluate precisely what the divine/god is for me since leaving the JWs - but that does not mean I have not always been connected to the divine. They affected my routines and beliefs and associations but not my deepest connections to the universe.

    I find it quite hard to define or articulate 'grace or the divine' with the limitations of words - it is as much within as without - mysterious yet profoundly intimate. I would rather live with the mystery, the unknowable, the ambiguity than ever have another human define/decree 'the divine' for me again.

    Thanks for asking Dan.

  9. Barbara: Do you have Picasa to organize and edit your photographs? They give you the option of doing collages in different forms. Anyone can do it ... it's easy!

  10. Bonnie, this is a lovely poem. I read your response to Dan and am struck, once again, by your personal philosophy, which to me is the perfect blend of accommodating the unknowable while accepting the rational.

    Hmm...not sure if that really makes sense.

  11. Those snow covered trees and your words to match are exquisite. Thanks Bonnie.

  12. There is truly a magic to snow, Bonnie. A healing magic.


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