Tuesday, February 16, 2010

embracing the emptiness

I love this quote by Richo encouraging us to reach out and embrace emptiness as a vital step in approaching our deepest self.  And yet, in our helter-skelter lives filled with busyness, distractions, things, we tend to rush to sweep away any feelings of emptiness and replace them with what we call 'ful-fill-ment'.  And so we forever postpone the freeing, expansive encounter with our deepest Self.

If we can create spaces - a walk in nature, quiet contemplation in a safe place, meditative practice, yoga - where we can transcend the ego's insistent demands, we can perhaps begin to develop a level of comfort with the inner emptiness and eventually have a sacred encounter with who we really are .... pure being.

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  1. Thus the self feels like emptiness. I relate so strongly to Richo's quote, and your commentary. Thanks - as always - for the push forward, Bonnie. (holding his nose) Here's goes nothing! EFH


    I understand your vision to wholeness and yet I cannot feel it as you say. I am struggling to ally with emptiness. I have journeyed long and hard to my self, to my being, to the raw truths that haunted me and from which I hid - I never felt empty before, during or after. I visioned my insides with many holes because I voided the truths so as not to have to ever claim them as part of me - in that I was empty - I tried to fill the empty with false truths and or replacements, food, sex, and the like - and then I faced my truths first by emptying the spaces of falsehoods and addictions and then by standing alone in my truths and trusted as I allowed my realities to fill in the spaces that were theirs to claim - and so it became me - all the spaces had their truths again and it felt awkward and harsh and also life-giving as I blended and eventually embraced. Amen.

    Great post Bonnie, thank you....

    Love and healing

  3. wow. i love this...and so true. mine usually takes place in the woods somewhere...leaving everything else behind.

  4. That's a tall order, letting go of ego, Bonnie! I read the Four Agreements some time ago and thought it was brilliant, and entirely compatible with the 50% Buddhist that I'd like to be (don't ask me to give up everything I own, though) but it's very hard to put this kind of thing into practice. Yoga is a good idea though, as a way for me to make sure there is room in my life for this kind of (non)contemplation.

  5. Fighting off the ego while writing is something I used to struggle with - or maybe not struggle, I just didn't realize I was letting ego in the way - once you release that, what comes out is the Truth in your writing.

    Love this post today :)

  6. Very hard for most folks to accomplish. The trick is to enjoy your own company.

  7. Lovely post. I would like to use a nap today as my place to quietly contemplate. To slow my mind. Perhaps I should walk, though.

  8. Ahh, this post hits me in a sensitive spot. Glad I did not miss this.
    As most of us feel awkward when there is a silence in a conversation with others, such is the idea of there being no external stimulation when we are alone.
    Many have the television on constantly as if to provide "company or companionship" Radio playing or keeping oneself constantly busy. Almost as if afraid to reflect on the self or to engage in introspection.
    There is nothing to be afraid of, I find. I love the sound of silence, the serenity of being alone at times and peace of mind. Quiet times of introspection are good for the mind, body and soul. We need to become acquainted with ourselves more often, and leave the lives of others alone for a bit.
    Love your post. You always look deeper into things than most and I am always interested.

  9. bonnie - this is a powerful and thoughtful post. i find richness as i go deeper into myself, a simpler richness, an access point to wholeness for sure but it's not quiet or empty. it's filled with the love that connects everything. not valentines day love either!!! thanks for this clever and insightful post. steven

  10. This was great, Bonnie, and so true.
    "Drinking a cup of tea,
    I stop the war."
    ~by Paul Reps
    The war of inner and outer conflicts, emotional agitation, etc. But ah! a cup of tea. Love, me xx

  11. I agree that empty spaces around us seem scary and that we tend to want to fill them. But there are other times when life is so busy that I crave that silence and aloneness to reconnect with myself. Sometimes, the real "me" seems like a distant memory. Especially when I try to put myself in line with my path. Great post, Bonnie, as always. Always thought provoking. xoxo B

  12. Interestingly, I was having a conversation with someone over lunch yesterday who cannot find time - admittedly, out of fear - to just be alone and quiet.
    I find my favourite people to be around are the ones you can be silent with.
    I have no trouble walking a path of quietness, though sometimes, I run back...


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