Monday, February 8, 2010

cleanse update

Time to fess up.  I am no longer strictly on the Kathy Freston cleanse.  I am now on the self-invented, newly concocted, quasi-cleanse.  Translation:  I have succumbed to the evils of seafood and alcohol.  I have NOT eaten meat, dairy, caffeine, or wheat.  The old Kenny Rogers song said, "You have to know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run..."  Well, I am not running away from the cleanse, but I have walked away from the straight and narrow of it.  Here, in point form, are the factors that weighed into my decision:

*  I became white (I was previously purple :) - white as a ghost.

*  My left hand turned freezing cold and slightly numb

*  My husband became nervous seeing me white, cold and numb

*  I became several of the seven dwarfs - grumpy, sneezy, sleepy, lazy, etc., did I mention surly and crabby?

*  I accomplished very little during the week on the cleanse - all energy and motivation departed

*  I had to cancel social engagements that were important to me (especially a nana/granddaughter day) due to malaise, fatigue and sour mood and numb hand

*  I had a constant headache, and felt like I was on the verge of a cold which never quite manifested

*  Beyond sluggish, there were periods when I felt depressed

I know these are signs of the detox doing its work, and I hope my body can do the work with the few adjustments I have made to the cleanse.  I will basically follow it but with a little less rigidity.  Weekends will be the time that I allow myself the indulgence of a small portion of fish and/or a glass of wine.  Otherwise, I am still eating no meat, no sugar, no dairy, no caffeine, no wheat.

On the positive side, I notice my craving for bread has gone.  My husband bought our favorite loaf and I did not have the slightest desire to partake of it.  In the morning his caffeinated coffee is always available but I am able to resist without any effort until I brew my own decaf.   Now that I am no longer indulging in sugar, fruits have become incredibly sweet and succulent.  Previously, the intensity of sugar treats eaten would make fruits seem less appealing in comparison - but not now.  I savour every delectable morsel.

I still have not acquired the interest or motivation to become a gourmet vegan cook.  I have the cookbooks, read them, but settle on a few basic meal plans that conform to my long-term way of cooking.  I have so many other things I want to do than, for example, try making a bechamel sauce from cashew nuts.  My daughter says it is easy and delicious and I'm sure it is.  I will try it and enjoy it when I'm at her house.  Here, I will forego making the bechamel sauce and spend more time in my studio.

So that's where I'm at.  Excuse me now - time for breakfast:  decaf coffee, oat/quinoa bread smothered in slices of banana.  Please don't hate me because I have succombed to the weakness of the flesh!  :)  (Last sentence is especially directed to TTZ!)


  1. Really, you were giving yourself a big whammy by stopping so many things at once.

  2. i see dead people...col, white and numb...yikes! seafood...yum! hope it contiues to run its course. good job on the bread...overciming the evil temptation of your favorite.. hope you have a great week!


    I was following another blog for a while and she embarked on such a 'cleanse'. She has never posted since. So, have a glass of wine and some broiled scallops and live. phew.

    Love to you

  4. Ellen: You were right all along! :)

    Brian: 'I see dead people'!!! too funny!

    Gail: "She never posted since." That made me laugh outloud. You will still have to deal with me for a while! Thanks for your encouragement and sense of humour.

  5. Love the comments! I think we all need to go a little easier on ourselves. I was thinking that I'd just try drinking more tea. No purges -- just cups of lovely tea with some stevia sweetener.

  6. Make that two of us laughing out loud at Gail's comment!
    Really glad to hear about this, Bonnie. But I will not be telling my Favourite Belgian about it since he will only smile knowingly, his version of 'I told you so'.
    You have hardly cracked at all though -seafood and a little wine on weekends is hardly cheating. Very interesting to hear you have no yen for bread - it's my favourite food group!

    Like your style, Bonnie. You're straight up and that's great!

  7. Sounds like it might be possible to cleanse yourself away completely! We would not want that Bonnie!

  8. Bonnie, a change in eating habits should not make your hand(s) go numb. You really need to see a doctor and have that checked out. The numbness can be a sign of heart problems. You're a better woman than I am. I don't think I could give up my coffee. LOL! Blessings!

  9. I go off of sugar every other day or so - that tells you how often I fall off of that wagon! Going off of dairy was a real project. So lets celebrate what we have accomplished. I say good for you Bonnie! And thanks for the wonderful laugh.

  10. Meri: Right now, a relaxing tea 'party' sounds delightful!

    Deborah: Thanks. My DH was not interested in the cleanse either - and he exhibited such restraint when he saw me order fish and accept a glass of wine in the restaurant. He has been very supportive - but I know he is dying to say 'I told you so'.

  11. Wanda: Yes - that would be a bridge too far. I want to hang around for a while - in fact, that was the point of this whole thing.

  12. Marion: Yes, I was worried about that too. The coldness and numbness has gone and I am feeling much better. Just knowing I have given myself permission to eat what I want, even if I don't, has made a difference in how I feel.

    I think part of my miserableness (!) was the lack of caffeine - and carbohydrates - and anything pleasurable at all!!

  13. Leslie Ann: I'm good for a laugh - at or with - as long as I can laugh too. Dairy is hard. So is not being able to use or enjoy eggs in your cooking. This was a lesson, for me, in deprivation! Good for you for getting off of dairy. From what I have read, it is the cause of a lot of digestive problems - and it is animal protein.

    Dan Gurney on his blog "A Mindful Heart" mentions a good book "Food Rules" by Pollen - commonsense rules about how to eat for good health.

  14. Bonnie, oh Bonnie. I daren't say what I really want to say, you'd go off me in an instant.
    But I am glad to read that the fanaticism has abated somewhat. Don't make yourself ill. The body really doesn't like being treated immoderately and inconsiderately. It also has all these lovely organs that do the cleansing for us if we treat them nicely. Like a liver, say.
    Lots of stimulants like alcohol and coffee are never a good idea, neither are the empty and useless calories of sugar and the nastier fats. But that's just commonsense and probably wouldn't sell a book.

    Please, don't beat me, Bonnie.

  15. Friko, Friko....I could never 'go off you'. You should say exactly what you want to say here. Anyway, I got a hint of what it is and I can see how it looks like fanatacism - I don't think it is really. But I come from a mother who used to do eat grapes for a week (nothing else) or go on cabbage juice fasts. - When she did it eliminated the raw eczema on her hands and arms.
    As kids, she also had us on a raw foods only regime for a while. And now that you mention it - being JWs I guess we were fanatics!!! :)

    I agree - moderation and balance are key - but I have been doing a lot of research lately and am convinced about the lifespan benefits of getting off of animal proteins. Besides it is good for the planet too.

    I will be more moderate in the future - sometimes I just have this impulse to jump into the deep end.....and end up flailing (excuse spelling) a bit.

    You know, I do not offend easily - and I have enough ego strength to bear candid comments - so fire away - I will never beat or banish you. I like you too much!!

  16. Shoot, I left a comment I thought, but I didn't wait around long enough for it to go through obviously :) But I did say something to the effect that I could never be on Survivor which would be the ultimate "cleanse" if you will. I have definitely had the foggy head and irritability before, and I am not an extremely poor eater to begin with.

    So important to listen to your body and eat to suit your individual needs!

  17. Bonnie! I have always thought that life is too short to be mean to yourself- if there is an out of control problem then measures must be taken but it is the bodies job to be self cleaning- we are equiped with all sorts of bile-ish stuff and filters...Granted, sugars and carbs are too dominant in our lives but you seem a sensible girl...have another banana! Oh and caffiene- good for diabetes prevention...

  18. Oh Bonnie!
    It's OK - there's no point in being too miserable. I'm still sticking to it, but I admit I have absolutely no social life and have been only working 4 days per week - so plenty of time to plan, shop, and cook. And I already don't drink much, if any, alcohol, AND I don't drink coffee - only tea. So my withdrawal symptoms were not as bad as yours.
    That being said - please see a doctor about the numb hand. you can't let that one go without investigating. Turning whiter sounds scary too. Circulation problems? please find out if caffeine or other withdrawal could have led to these symptoms or if you need to get your heart checked out. did you take your blood pressure at any time during these symptoms?
    Worried Kathryn in BC.

  19. Vicky: I do that all the time - click off a blog so fast after commenting and as I am leaving I see the 'word verification' thingy pop up, but it is too late! So frustrating!!!

    Yes, you have captured it in a nutshell. It is not only important what you do TO your body, but also how you respond to the signals it sends in response to what you are doing.

  20. Linda Sue: Well, I was hoping I was just being mean to my taste buds and kind to my body ... but the cold numb hand kind of scared me and made me wonder if this was too severe for me.

    Caffeine for diabetes prevention ... sounds like a good reason to enjoy a moderate amount of coffee!

  21. Kathryn from B.C.: Bravo!!! How strong and stalwart you are! You must be reaping some of the benefits after 8 days ... more energy? some weight loss? a new spring in your step?

    Not to worry Kathryn. I do have a blood pressure problem that is monitored by my doctor - it runs in my family. My mother had circulation problems too Raynaud's Syndrome - so who knows if it is that starting. Anyhow, the cold hand has gone. I am still sticking to most of the regime ... had a small portion of fish last night with a white wine chaser again. :) My husband is really a bit of a wine connaisseur and he is always trying new and interesting varieties ... it is hard not to take a taste of what he is describing. Oh ... and I do enjoy it myself!

    I appreciate your concern - but I am fine and content with my choice to adapt the cleanse to my particular needs. Please keep us posted on how you are fairing with it.

  22. Right after you said you were going to do this I heard a nutritionist talk about it and she said it was too much at once. I believe that is true. And as Friko said, I don't think we need to cleanse our bodies. That's not to say eating better and with more moderation would not be a benefit for me. I'm happy to hear you have modified the plan.

  23. Sandra: Thanks Sandra. I do appreciate your caring comments. As I said in a previous comment, I do sometimes like to jump in to the deep end, but I do know how to swim and get back over to the edge. So that's what I have done.

    Of course, going on your blog to see all the wonderful, homey, delicious things you cook from scratch is not conducive to staying on a cleanse!


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