Friday, February 26, 2010

the beautiful

(Photograph by Bonnie Zieman, 2009)

Frederick Turner is an American poet and academic living in Dallas (born in 1943).  You can visit his blog at

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  1. Beautiful imagery, both the quote and the photo itself. Are these bottlebrush? I love the bit of bokeh peeking through in the background as well :)

  2. Hi Bonnie

    this is a great photo which reminds me of the bottlebrush plant. I like to explore that fine edge of beauty and what others may see as ordinary or strange...

    Happy days

  3. Oh, so beautiful!! I love the words with the photo! :) Silke

  4. Bonnie, I should know better than to ask, since you always give credit to others when you use their photos, but is this gorgeous picture yours? We might have the same (or similar) camera, but you sure have the better eye! It's lovely, lovely.

    I'm giving that little phrase a think. It's not obvious to me - a bit like certain kinds of math.

  5. Interesting thought, Bonnie. I'll have to visit his blog.

  6. Your photo is guilty of awakening Spring Fever in me, Bonnie!

  7. very lovely bonnie. i think of beauty as the edge of the creation. it's a metaphor for the grace that binds all love together. steven

  8. Bonnie, are those the flowers of grasses? They are absolutely gorgeous.
    Thank you for pointing out another site worth visiting.

  9. beautiful image! and brings the promise of spring arriving that much closer!!! great post!


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