Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Be ahead of all parting..."

This selection by Rilke offers so many little gems of wisdom.  I'll be interested to read what part(s) of it speaks to you.  Right now, the last two lines linger in my mind "...add yourself gladly, and cancel the cost."  The selection is from In Praise of Mortality edited and translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy.

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  1. everything that lives and dies is part of the unknowable Universe.

    Would you please remind me, which collection these come from, Bonnie?
    If both languages are side by side, I'd like to buy it.

  2. Hi Friko: I should probably have included the source in my post. It is:

    "In Praise of Mortality"
    Selections from Rainer Maria Rilke's
    Duino Elegies
    Sonnets to Orpheus

    Translated and edited by: Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy; Riverhead Books (a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., New York, 2005

    The German and English do appear side by side. I so wish I could read him in his native tongue.

    I posted this because I love it. But now whenever I post Rilke, I am hoping it will please you!

  3. Hm. :-\
    It makes me remember the last line of Millay's "To A Friend Estranged From Me"....inviting the night before the darkness comes.

    In my case, practicing for the aftermath of losses is not a helpful idea.

  4. "be. and at the same time know what it is not to be you." in the unpacking of the stolen ideas, belief systems, and whatever other detritus i have acquired through the course of my life and have called "my self" and which i am now letting go one by one, this line resonates most clearly. a powerful poem bonnie!! thanks for sharing it. steven

  5. I like the last two lines as well. When we count the cost before the experience, we deny ourselves so much.

  6. love those last two lines...reducing yourself yet adding to the greater whole...nice.

  7. Lordy, but I do so love Rilke. Thanks for sharing this one, Bonnie. It's awesome, like you. Blessings!

  8. "Be. And at the same time know what it is not to be. That emptiness inside you allows you to vibrate in resonance with your world."

    These lines speak most clearly to me.

    Our resonance with the world, our natural world is a key to happiness. This resonance is activated by our ability to release our "selfy stories" or, as Rilke says, "knowing what it is not to be."

  9. Be ahead of all parting; as if it has already happened- for some reason, that is wrapping itself around me.....

  10. Hi Bonnie

    How are you feeling? I hope the cleanse is doing its job...

    "That emptiness inside you allows you to vibrate in resonance with your world."

    these lines appeal to me....I feel that now in my life it is time to empty, to get rid of stuff, to simplify, then to open to the simple natural life...

    Happy days

  11. Bonnie, I wanted to wait until other people had commented because the most interesting thing is to see different perspectives and interpretations of the same poem.
    I knew of Rilke, but only in the most superficial way. It's been good to read him here.

    How's your cleanse going??

  12. It is a positive affirmation of being. We get so caught up sometimes in how much damage we are doing, that we forget that we belong here just as much as any other creature. I love this take. Very inspiring.

  13. "That emptiness inside you allows you to vibrate in resonance with your world."

    That was the line for me. I have to feel the emptiness before I can feel whole again.

    Been thinking too much lately...


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