Friday, January 1, 2010


The party's over.  Time to go within and ...acknowledge...assess...appreciate...

What is it
about light, that
when caught
by our eyes,
always makes a path
directly to our feet?

Is it 
the universe
trying to make us
feel valued...
an integral part
of the whole?

Is the sun
sending its rays
to where we stand
as a frivolous dare
to ride a beam of light
or, to walk on water?

(You go first!)

Or is the light
simply saying:
"Hey you...yes, you!
(Not him, not her)
it's time to wake up."?


  1. Wonderful words to start a new year. Wish you a great year Bonnie


    Beautiful picture - powerful words - challenging and so true. I must say, I am awake!!! Eyes wide open!! - Oh how some days I want to sleep, forget, pretend, but the "light of truth" I fought to behold shines ever so brightly, regardless of its purpose/content. and if I may, for a bit of levity and humor, when I first glanced at your words I read the following "...acknowledge...assess" as, acknowledge asses!! And I thought, ya, I know a few, for sure!! :-) heehee

    Love Gail

  3. Gail: I think that is a good motto for 2010: "Acknowledge Asses" - that's probably all they're looking for is a little acknowledgement!!
    Thanks Gail - you made me laugh!!

  4. Oh don't make me wake up so early on New Years Day, Bonnie! I stayed up two hours past my usual bed time last night!

    I need a snooze! lol

  5. Well Barry, I say snooze if you need to snooze. You can always dream about what an awake person you already are!

  6. Lucid dreaming is a very awake state--and wakeful illusion (as when watching TV) a very unawakened state.

  7. Bonnie, So well put. It's funny, as we were driving home from our trip, we hit our neighborhood at sunset. The sun was behind a lead grey cloud that stretched across the middle of a clear sky and shooting straight up and downfrom behind it was a beam of light so strong it looked like a giant spotlight. When I read your post, I thought of it, because it seemed to be almost like a beacon, and ironically, over our home. Wierd, huh? But it's good to comtemplate what the universe is saying to you now and then. Esp. at the new year. Happy 2010! xoxo

  8. Lovely post and picture. Happy New Year!!

  9. Lovely words, Bonnie. Yes I think it is time to wake up. 2010 is a wake up call in so many ways.

  10. It's a reminder of where we come from.

  11. Thank you for the beautiful photo, and your thoughts, which I needed to read today. There's a time for everything, and today I slept through a good bit of the day. My body needed the rest. My spirit, however, is saying YES, it's time to awaken from the fog I've been in!

  12. It's wonderful to wake up to such words. Thanks as ever, Bonnie. You write such fine poetry.

  13. A lovely, inspiring post, Bonnie. I cut out a newspaper article many years ago that said, "God really light, Alabama physician argues in book". I do believe that light and God are the same. It makes perfect sense to me. (The book is "God at the Speed of Light" by Dr. T. Lee Baumann.) Love & Blessings!

  14. I am one day late wishing you a Happy New Year – but you know in France we can send wishes the whole month of January. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures and paintings and your questions which always bring interesting thoughts. Je vous souhaite une année pleine de bonheur, de joie, de beauté, d’inspiration poétique et artistique et de paix. Avec toutes mes amitiés.


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