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shopping list for the cleanse

As mentionned in my last post, I am starting Kathy Freston's 'Quantum Wellness' 21 day cleanse on Monday, February 1st.  In the comments to that post, a few brave souls have said they will join me.  Some of you do not have 'The Quantum Wellness Cleanse' book yet, so I want to post a few things from her book that will help you get started.

There are 5 food categories that are eliminated from your diet for the 3 week cleanse:  animal products (including dairy), sugar, gluten/wheat, caffeine, and alcohol.

You will eat:  grains, beans (legumes), nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Freston says, "I want to prepare you for the physiological downside that SOME people experience for a few days.  Many people experience no physical problems or actual signs of withdrawal, but some do:  If you are in the latter category, please remind yourself that this (headaches, anxiety) is a signal of addiction ...these bad physical feelings pass within a few days...

"Giving up gluten will not cause a physical sense of withdrawal, because you are likely to experience an almost instant relief from digestive problems (if you have them).  The difficulty you may have, though, is in finding things that don't contain gluten.  Breads and other products made with rice, corn, quinoa, potatoes, oats and buckwheat are good bets....just getting out of the bread habit alone will have you feeling leaner and cleaner in no time."  It is  often the breads we eat that tend to cause weight gain and fatigue.

"Despite what you may have heard, abstention from animal products will not deprive your body of any essential nutrients, and you won't feel tired or weak.  There are plenty of proteins and amino acids in plant-based food, without all the unhealthy fat and additives.  However, if meat was the mainstay of your diet before, you might feel a little lost and left out.  This is good.  It shakes things up!"

"While I want to warn you that you may have cravings, I also want to stress that there are many, many people who don't have a hard time at all, and also stress that almost everyone feels lighter and more energetic within a day or two - I hear from people constantly who say they didn't even realize that they could feel so good.  Their lethargic way of being had become their constant; with the cleanse, they realized that they could have more energy, need less sleep, and feel lighter and clearer, just by breaking their reliance on foods that are not right for the human will find your own natural balance.  You are giving your body both a good detox and a chance to release itself from the vicious cycle of addictive eating or drinking.....

"Why twenty-one days?  Because that's about how long it takes for your tastes and cravings to begin responding to healthier and simpler foods.  So what you are left with after completion is a whole new and healthier routine, balanced blood sugar and freedom from old addictions......This cleanse has no strange concoctions to drink, no pills to purchase and it is medically unassailable.  Nevertheless, do consult with your doctor before beginning, especially if you have existing conditions."

Reasons to do this cleanse:
* as a detox
* to lose a few pounds
* as an opportunity to reboot to a healthier, more simple eating plan
* to re-discover that you are more powerful than the food
* to nourish your body in a more humane way
* to have more energy
* to align your eating with values of kindness and integrity
* to discover emotional material you may be covering over with food
* to give your body a break from its heavy workload
* to begin to think more deeply about where your food comes from and its journey to your plate

Some of the positive changes you can expect:
* more energy
* clearer skin and eyes
* weight loss
* cessation of certain aches, pains, and digestive ailments
* release from addictive habits
* a profound awareness of your personal power and the effect you have in the world.

Some suggestions to make this more than a just a food experience:
* listen to your inner voice, your fears, you do this cleanse.  What are you learning about yourself?
* pay attention, eat mindfully
* keep a journal about the feelings that arise - if you choose
* be compassionate with yourself and if you slip up, just move back onto the plan
* increase your blood flow and natural endorphins by taking a brisk walk every day
* remind yourself withdrawal symptoms are just proof how addicted your body is to a powerful substance
* drink lots of water and herbal teas to help your body flush away the toxins it will be releasing
* take 15 minutes to meditate or sit quietly enjoying nature
* each night plan what you will be eating tomorrow

Some suggestions for your grocery list for the cleanse:
* Irish steel-cut oats (oats do contain some gluten, but most people can tolerate the minimal amount)
* mixed-grain hot cereals
* rice cakes
* rice crackers
* flax crackers
* gluten-free bread
* sweet potatoes, yams
* grains: brown or wild rice, quinoa, corn, millet, etc.
* nuts
*seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, sesame
*nut or seed butters
*non-dairy protein powder (soy, pea, hemp or rice-based)
* beans and legumes
* tofu
* tempeh
* "faux" meats
* artichoke, rice, or quinoa past
* pasta sauce
* vegetables:  kale, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, eggplant, collard greens, squash, tomatoes, etc.
* mushrooms of all kinds
* salad leaves of all kinds
* fruits
* frozen fruits for smoothies
* lemons and limes for sparkling-water cocktails
* herbal teas
* non-dairy milk such as rice, almond or soy
* sweeteners: agave nectar, stevia - use sparingly
* extra virgin olive oil
* seasonings: garlic, ginger, tamari
* flours to cook or bake with:  bean, pea, soy, potato, buckwheat, arrowroot, rice
* popcorn
* corn chips (no wheat flour)
* guacamole
* hummus
* soy cheese (rennet-free)
* vegetarian stock for cooking and soups

"When I'm on the cleanse I no longer think about the foods I CAN'T eat.  Instead I look forward to my favorite snacks.  I get excited thinking about the big salad I will make for lunch.  I'll throw everything under the sun in there and then top it with some crumbled veggie burger patties.  If I'm hungry between meals, I eat some mixed nuts, tamari almonds, a nutrition bar, or a piece of fruit.  I can't wait for dinner, when I get to dig into a luscious fajita with black beans and guacamole with salsa.  Or maybe a hearty lentil soup with some flax crackers on the side.  And I make sure to have a variety of vegetables or salad a few times a day."

There is so much more to share from the Kathy Freston book, but that is enough for one posting.  If you need ideas for how to prepare and cook the ingredients on Freston's list, check out for good recipes.

I am certainly not an expert in how to do this, but since I have initiated a 3 week joint experience, have read the book, have talked to people who have done the cleanse, I will be happy to answer questions you may have by looking up the answers in Freston's book.  Ask your question in the comments and I will do my best to provide an answer in the comment section for you.  In the meantime, get to the bookstore and purchase her little book - it will be your support during the next 3 weeks!  Good luck.  Tomorrow I will post a few good and simple recipes you can use on the cleanse.  If you have any to share please, please do so!!


  1. bonnie - enjoy the journey! i love food and i know how hard it is to always eat well and carefully. be aware of your body as it changes, monitor those changes and consider whether the changes are healthful or damaging in themselves. exercise, mental and physical are key elements of how food is used and required. at the end of the day though, it's a personal experience that is unique to you. steven

  2. Ordered the book...from glas you posted all this until it comes...My body is in need of least it will feel like I am not doing it alone :-)

  3. ok..I geared up for it...already have most of the things..BUT since I do not have the book..WHAT ABOUT DECAFE COFFEE.. no caffene??? I just have to have this in the morning or i do not wake up...maybe I can trick myself with decafe and almond milk which I already drink..

  4. I won't won't won't give up my coffee! *laugh* - but, I already do some of the things above....I rarely eat meat and could easily do without it for 21 days or longer. I do eat a lot less sugar than I used to. I don't eat much bread, either....

    What do you do after the 21 days? That's what I get confused about on "cleanses" - once you add the things back into your diet, doesn't that negate all the 21 days? Or is this just a jumpstart to a newer way of eating, I suppose - :) At any rate, I'd love to see more people eat more veggies and fruits and whole grains!

    Good luck and can't wait to keep up with your progress!

  5. I find this very inspiring Bonnie. Last spring I gave up dairy. It takes a bit of planning to make such a big change. I did and still do feel much more energized and I lost weight. I Google for recipes with the word vegan included. For instance, there are recipes for Cream of Carrot soup - without dairy. I am going to ponder the idea of joining with you in this cleanse. I know it would feel terrific!

  6. I really need to do this! I need a mental detox!

  7. i agree with kathryn.... coffee would be the hardest to let go. i love your postings & your photographt! please stop by & pick up an award if you'd new friend!

  8. Marlene: Here's Kathy F.'s response to a question similar to yours re coffee:
    "I would much rather you lean out of the caffeine addiction gradually than give up the whole exercise of cleansing. I know that for a small minority of people it can be too rough to suffer the headaches and irritabilitiy, expecially if you have a job that requires that you be 'on' all the time....the sluggishness will pass if you take my adviceto substitute ten to thirty minutes of exercise for your morning cups of coffee. BUT HERE'S A SOLUTION: WEAN YOURSELF OFF COFFEE. Begin by cutting your regular coffe with decaf. You can create a mix of 2/3 coffee to 1/3 decaf for the first week. For week two, drop your doffer down to 1/3 real coffee to 2/3 decaf. By week three, see if you can go without the coffee altogether. (Note: herbal tea is best, but decaf is fine until you get to the point where you can move to tea.)"

    I think that sounds fair, don't you Marlene?

  9. Hi Bonnie,
    Got the book yesterday and am using it to make a grocery list. Will devote part of tomorrow to shopping and planning meals. I'm looking forward to noticing something, anything (!), in the way of small changes, especially more energy.
    Off to drink a herbal tea instead of a caffeinated one!

  10. Kathryn: Sounds like you are all set! I'll be shopping tomorrow too. Had people taking me out for my birthday Friday and tonight - so I have over-indulged and my body is screaming "Stop and Cleanse".

  11. I started diluting the regular coffee with decafe
    already...don't knw if I ever could do herbal tea in the morning...I just do not like it...I'll see if I can cut the coffee to 1 cup of decaf in morning...

  12. I hope this will work for you. I have been on a couple of regimen like this but went back to my old bad ways. I like cheese too much to give it up – meat I eat about once a season. I eat mostly fruits and vegetable. I’ll look forward to see what you think about all this in three weeks. Will you stay on this regimen?


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