Friday, January 15, 2010


Let's all ask ourselves this simple question:

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  1. Cash donations to the Red cross are probably best right now. They have people on the ground there who know what's needed, and they can put the money to use right away. Donations of food, clothing and other necessities are good too, but getting stuff in there is difficult right now.

    If you have SAR training you can go there and help with the search for survivors. Two guys from my SAR team flew down there yesterday with rescue dogs trained to locate people who are trapped. The Angel Flight organization supplied their transportation.

    If you know anyone who is a pilot, Angel Flight needs pilots who can fly volunteers in and out, and transport supplies. The Red Cross could probably use some extra pilots too.

    But other than that, there's not much we can do from here. Pray, maybe?

  2. We are stunned by the devastation in Haiti! The extent is almost beyond imagination.

    Linda's school is collecting cash donations for the Red Cross today and we have both made healthy contributions.

  3. This is a question we should all ask of ourselves every single day... And even more important to ask when there is a crisis like the one in Haiti.

  4. Prayer is ALWAYS good, and money can't hurt either!

  5. yes! We should always help someone other than ourselves everyday!

  6. Money. There was an interesting bit on the French news last night about the aftermath of the quake in Macedonia some years ago. Individuals and aid organizations were so eager to help by supplying goods that they created a logistical disaster in addition to the natural disaster. Money is the fastest way to help and the internet is the fastest way to donate.

  7. I agree with Deborah - cash is best. Organizations like The Red Cross are knowledgeable in what is the best course of action. But I might contact my cousin, who is a retired Continental Airlines pilot, about what Jeff had to say.

  8. finaly this afternoon, i got word from my friend that lives in Haiti working with children. it was a relief in itself, but to hear first hand...

    crisis like this bring life into in any way you can...and 6 months from now remember when there is not a crisis.

    really that is not supposed to sounds snarky...

  9. The Salvation Army is a fabulous organization.

  10. Dr.s Without Borders was my choice. I am heartbroken Bonnie..just sick! Wonderful question....wonderful post! Hugs, Sarah


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