Thursday, February 4, 2010


Have you discovered Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter/blog?  She calls it GOOP - don't ask me why.  In it she shares tips on healthy living from recipes, favorite restuarants across the globe, meditation, yoga, interviews with leading edge doctors, psychologists, etc.  It is published every Thursday.  I have found enough little gems in it to subscribe (its free).  Check it out and see what you think.  BTW - there is nothing 'hollywoodish' about the newsletter - no glitz, glam or photos, no name dropping - just practical, wholesome information and great recipes.  Go to and here is how you will be welcomed:

"Welcome to GOOP!
Goop is a newsletter that will usually come once a week. I will be sharing recipes, my personal travel notes, the advice that I get and follow, and so much more. GOOP is constantly evolving- I'm excited to have you join us."


  1. Nice to see a down-to-earth "star."

  2. I love GOOP! I have been receiving my newsletters for quite awhile now. I love the variety!

    Obviously when she recommends 4 to 5 star restaurants and jet setting around the globe, well, we can't all do that but she certainly
    has great taste and her newsletter has some helpful hints for moms.

  3. I would love to check this out but I am already overwhelmed with the blogs of people i have already chosen to share with.

  4. I've always like her as she seems so 'normal' and grounded. Will have to check it out. Thanks Bonnie!

  5. Several years ago, it was from Gwyneth Paltrow, that I first learned about macrobiotic diets.

  6. I like the name "GOOP"
    Its good to see someone of her status remain down to earth and connected.
    She's a good gal.

  7. Barry just tipped me off on your post about GOOP the same day I did my post about the original or "real" Goop from 1913. I guess that name is now in public domain to where Ms. Paltrow could co-opt it.


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