Thursday, January 28, 2010

"...the earth is what I speak to..."

The earth is all that lasts.
The earth is what I speak to when
I do not understand my life
Nor why I am not heard.
The earth answers me with the same song
That it sang for my fathers when
Their tears covered up the sun
The earth sings a song of gladness.
The earth sings a song of praise
The earth rises up and laughs at me
Each time that I forget
How spring begins with winter
And death begins with birth.

~Nancy Wood


  1. "....and death begins with life." This struck a cord, as I have been doing a lot of organizing and have come upon photos of myself from many years past. I see the visual of this sentence.

  2. That so reminded me of an American Indian piece of writing by Sitting Bull, chief of the Sioux. He wrote such beautiful words about the earth and our relationship to it, and about peace. Which is really nothing like this poem, but in a wierd way, is, in the feeling of it. Anyway, I loved this poem. xoxoxo B

  3. Wonderful poem and womderful photos. I already miss spring and summer so much..

  4. wonderful quote...when i need to get my head screwed on straight...i head for the woods. wonderful pics!

  5. Perfect, perfect, perfect! That poem is fantastic. And the images are gorgeous. Have you notice all the bloggers posting something about trees in the last few days? I love it!

  6. Trees, Water and Rocks...Favorites!!!

  7. Beautiful poem and the photographs are lovely.
    I enjoyed reading your post about loners. Very well said.


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