Thursday, January 21, 2010

Age and Ideas

I love this quote by Pearl S. Buck, but would substitute the word 'resistance' for her word 'pain'.  Personally I get very excited by new ideas, but that does not mean I will always accept them.  However, I will certainly consider them, while I know people for whom a new idea seems to be a total assault on their tightly-held world view.  We all have beloved beliefs that we resist reconsidering.  But isn't it a breath of fresh air to encounter a new way of looking at things?  Isn't that what each new generation is for?

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  1. I'm still excited by new ideas, so I must be younger than my chronological age. In fact I must be down right juvenile at times.



    Great quote - when I read it I said, out loud, "Ahhhhhhhh" like one does when a "light goes on" in one's mind!!

    I am old then because as much as I enjoy new I am so content in the old. Balance ,balance, balance.

    Love Gail

  3. Isn't it wonderful! I hope I never stop accepting new ideas or at least being open to new ideas.

  4. nice. i instantly got a chuckle...maybe at my own ignorance.

  5. I'm generally open to new ideas, love turning things over in my mind. That doesn't mean that all new ideas have merit, however.

  6. So well said... it seems that I grew up largely with the views I'd heard expressed by my parents repeatedly. Then I left home and started having some of those views challenged and it took me some time to reconsider my somewhat narrow view. After attending a liberal arts college, I am now pretty open to new ideas and other points of view... I hope its something I continue as I raise my own children :)

  7. Very good point. I'm finding that I'm learning a great deal from the younger generation these days. They seem more tolerant, for one thing.

  8. That came to me as a nice little nudge - not to let myself get too calcified. I can relate to what you said about being interested in new ideas, although not always to the point of adopting them. As long as we're open, though....
    I really enjoy gems like this that come through you, Bonnie.

  9. New Ideas = Change! Love them, but I do not do change well!

  10. The word resistance rather than pain is so much more appropriate for this sentiment, so I must agree.
    Gorgeous art here.

  11. Bonnie, I love to see how you choice of poetry will challenge and enrich my life. What amazing words and artwork!

  12. The older I get the more I seem able to tolerate new ideas. there must be something wrong with me.

    Within reason, of course.

  13. I am always OPEN to new ideas, but I like that quote.

    It looks as if you used rice paper? in that artwork and I love the texture and the colours.
    I love the look of veins running through...



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