Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice Sunset, 2009

Before the shades are drawn this night
the light puts on a show;
Like yuletide gifts wrapped up tight 
and christened with a bow.

Before stars begin to shine this night
heaven's color palette spills,
With ribbons daring, bold and bright
cresting over every hill.

As light regains its foothold
and darkness gives up its claim,
Sun sends its beams to waiting skies
declaring "Beauty" as its name.

Before eyes take their rest,
this night of solstice skies,
They glimpse a lacy woodland frame
humming limen* lullabyes.

(Photography and poetry by Bonnie MacEwan-Zieman, 2009.  The poem underwent a little work and editing, while the photographs did not.  The colors are exactly as they appeared tonight, Winter Solstice, 2009.) 

(* The word 'limen' means threshold - the point of crossing over - the point where you leave old and enter new space; the adjective is 'liminal', as in liminal space - neither here nor there, but teeming with potential.)


  1. Lovely Winter Solstice poem Bonnie and beautiful photos of the sunset that inspired it.

  2. Oh, gorgous! I love your photography, Bonnie! There's something about that time of night, when everything is silouhetted in pink light and everything looks black against the color. So special. Love it. Hope your holiday is wonderful!

    xoxo B

  3. AMAZING....photographs and poetry!

    Happy Solstice!


  4. Happy Winter! Love the poem and photos. We had a similar sunset in Kansas City tonight. It was a beautiful way to welcome in the new season.

  5. Wow, Bonnie, that really is a spectacular poem. I scrolled around to see who the author was... and was so thrilled to see it's your own work. So many of your word plays paint vivid imagery! Well done!!

  6. Wow! Talented word smithing and stunning skies.

  7. "Before stars begin to shine this night
    heaven's color palette spills,
    With splashes daring, bold and bright
    cresting over every hill."

    I love that Bonnie. Sadly, here in cloudy gloomy Toronto, there was no sunset to watch. Nothing daring, bold and bright crested over our hills.

    So it was a great pleasure to come here to see what we missed.

  8. love it when the color palette spills and splashes...wonderful pics and verse...happy solstice to you...and i hope you and yours have an amazing holiday!

  9. We had a magnificent sunset too. It will take me awhile to get the pics up though. Have 4 grandkids at my heels for the next three days.

  10. Lovely Sunset and words to go with it.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  11. For whatever it's worth, dear Bonnie, here's Friko wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy festive season altogether.

  12. bonnie thanks for these lovely liminal pictures!!! hovering in the interstice - the teeming interstice - between states! lovely. steven

  13. What a beautiful solstice sunset - none here this year, just a monotonal fading from a white sky to an inky black - special in it's own way. I enjoyed your evocative poem so much too. Have a wonderful Yuletide xx

  14. Such haunting beauty through the limbs of bare trees.

  15. Beautiful! The photos and the poem! Beautiful!

  16. Bonnie, I particularly liked this verse:
    As light regains its foothold
    and darkness gives up its claim,
    Sun sends its beams to waiting skies
    declaring "Beauty" as their name.

    Wonderful word craft here - very evocative. Lovely pictures, too. A very happy Christmas to you and your family.

  17. These are all charming, but I especially lve that first photograph. I have seen that picture so many times in my life, peering through tree branches that are silhouetted by a setting sun behind them. The colors and the swirling dark branches cutting through them create so many interesting and abstract patterns for the imagination to absorb and dwell on.


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