Wednesday, December 9, 2009

...we can choose...

when faced with difficult circumstances
we succomb
to the feelings that arise.
"Of course I am angry...",
"It's just not fair...",
"How could I not feel betrayed...",
"I can't help but feel hurt...".

Victor Frankl, holocaust survivor,
reminds us
that the stance or attitude
we assume in any situation
is a choice.
We do not have to submit
to every feeling
that moves through us.

We can consider our options
and choose
 the attitude
that will do the least harm
to our heart
our cells
our loved ones
and our environment.

While it is good
to experience our emotions
we can always
make a choice
not to live from,
or be governed by
these feelings.
We can choose our attitude.


  1. so true...there is much we can blame but in the end it all comes back to that choice. thanks for your words today...apropo...

  2. Yes, that is so true. My husband was consumed by anger for years. It was his fallback emotion so he wouldn't have to feel the pain he was holding inside. Finally when things were about to fall apart for us, he got some counseling. And this is what he learned and it changed his life. He's a happy fun guy again because he chooses his emotions now instead of falling prey to them.

  3. "Man's Search For Meaning" has been an inspiration for me since I was in high school!
    We CAN choose! I think it is wise to feel the feelings and let them go. I know I am not my feelings.
    Thank you for this post. I am sad but have hope and know joy. This too will pass.

  4. Often it is wisest to go with the flow I find Bonnie.

  5. Yes, we have the choice. Pity some don't learn earlier!

  6. His is a great story! This is a great post!

  7. meaningful words

    A smile from SJ =)

  8. Wonderful post Bonnie!! I have a mom who is always the victim..she chooses make her hard do deal with at she chooses to look at life this way. Been there..have been that person. So important to be responsible for each choice you make..even when you choose not to make one! The concept of changing your mind is also a literal thing..some times you have to change your thinking.
    Thank you for your sweet words appreciated them have pink eye..ackkkk!! Hugs, Sarah

  9. What a powerful post. How very true that even in the most seemingly out of control situations, one always has control over how they choose to view it.
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your snow! Your background is perfect for it. It shows up beautifully and adds the perfect wintry touch! :)

  10. This is so true –we can and should be responsible for our choices. It is difficult sometimes though. People have hurt me and then I felt so sad but as you said, I decided to make the choice of not being hurt and it made it easier. Now if I hear a mean remark, I chose not to get hurt. I think that it is their choice to be mean or understanding, and it is mine not to be hurt by it. This is a good post Bonnie.

  11. It helps to understand our feelings first, at least a little. then we are better able to choose.


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