Friday, December 4, 2009

Too Cruel?

Are your eyes contracted and unable to see your finest self? 
Do you dowse your beautiful inner flame with self-criticism?
Are you ignoring talents, abilities, qualities that lie fallow within? 
Do you compare yourself to others and always come up short?  
Is it time to try a little tenderness.....
with yourself?

All-consuming self love is not the goal.
Self-acceptance is the goal and the starting point.
Once achieved you are finally free
to stop concentrating on yourself and your shortcomings
and fully apply your talents and abilities to the service of life.
Selfless love and service are the ultimate goals,
which can never be achieved
if you are "to thy sweet self too cruel".


  1. Yes yes and yes. This so speaks to me, as I'm sure it does to many. Thanks for your beautiful and wise words, as well as those of Shakespeare. I can never hear them enough, and I hope I can really take them to heart soon.

    (Thank you also for the previous post about healthy foods. If only we in the US could be assured that all these wonderful fruits and vegetable weren't laced with pesticides, or genetically modified and "enhanced", or packaged in toxic BPA. Even organic foods are not immune to BPA contamination here.)


  2. I do so agree with what you say here Bonnie. There is a fine line between believing in yourself and your abilities and becoming big-headed about it. But I do agree that we owe it to ourselves to exploit our talents and strong points. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. lovely, lovely...we are often our own worse enemy!

    much love

  4. you know...i needed this one today...thank you.

  5. Nice reminder, Bonnie, and very true. If we can't believe in ourselves - how can anyone else?

  6. Shakespeare was an exceptional student of human psychology.

    His insights into the human condition were extraordinary. We all owe him a great debt. Move over Jung and Freud, Will has the floor!

    Great quote Bonnie.

  7. Blogger seems to be eating all my comments today.
    My previous comment was basically a more eloquent and wordy "thank you" for this reminder.

  8. I agree with the content of your post 100%. Luckily for me that self-acceptance has been a regular feature for the last eighteen years or so. It was a struggle when I was a teenager.

    And thanks for the Shakespeare quote. Very wise.

    Greetings from London.

  9. So true, and so hard to be true to.

  10. hi bonnie - i first accepted myself when i was a very little boy and then had that acceptance chiselled away until i was thirty-three when the reclamation project began in earnest. by my fiftieth year a lot had been lost again through laziness on my part. so the reclamation project began again - as evidenced in part by my blog. this is who i is!!! steven

  11. Well, I do sometimes compare myself and come up short. Sometimes that is the reality. It doesn't mean there is something lacking in me, but rather that someone else has attained a greater level in a certain area. But then again, I am probably superior somewhere else.

    You are wise and artistic and kind and over-all wonderful. I am sometimes wise, not so artistic, kind and sometimes wonderful. You have letters after your name. I do not. But I handle stallions and I bring mares through their birthing and raise their young. You help people through their own type of birthing. It is all good. Just different.


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