Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today, "Boxing Day" in North America, is my DH's birthday.  It's a sad thing to be born on the 26th of December.  ;-)   Everyone is exhausted from the previous day's festivities.  Everyone just wants a bit of time to appreciate all the connections, wishes, memories.....but at our house.....despite DH's fervent protests, we get to have a birthday party!!  And we make sure that it is a good we do not want him overlooked in all the excitement about Christmas and the New Year. 

So tomorrow I will sit down and follow the suggestion above....but for now....I have a cake to make, a card to write and ANOTHER present to wrap, a birthday present!  Tomorrow I will savour all the sweet gestures received this Christmas season, including all the kind, inspiring, soulful connections made with you wonderful, amazing fellow bloggers.....for which I am truly grateful.  Today, however, I celebrate the birth of another sweet son of God.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your husband.

    I understand Christmas birthdays. My sister Mickey is the 27th and Angelique is the 31st.

    Christmas people are wonderful though, aren't they.

    Merry Christmas dear one.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. My DH has his birthday tomorrow so I can totally relate! Happy birthday to to your DH.

  3. hey bonnie, a very happy birthday to your just-past-christmas-child!!!! steven

  4. happy birthday! i hope you have an amazing party...i love that word "savor". it makes me think of a really good meal that you dont mind chewing repeatedly to get all the flavors...there are such depths of life for us to savor....

  5. Oh, I hope he has a wonderful birthday!
    Happy Birthday hubby!

  6. Happy Birthday to a special man. I know he must have had a wonderful day today!

    My wife's birthday is on the 29th so I get a few days anyway to prepare for hers.

  7. Christmas day is such a marker of births (and of deaths). Maybe it's part of what makes those born around this time so special and those others who like my friend who died last night after a two year struggle with breast cancer remain forever in our memories.

  8. That's the nice thing about blogging: our beloveds get a look-in too!
    My very best wishes to your DH.

    It's nice to be able to get back online, I've missed you, old girl. Hope you had a lovely time and there's more to come of the holiday yet, but I am seriously looking forward to a plate of baked beans and sausages! Too much rich food soon palls.

    Sweet and kind, me?


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