Friday, November 27, 2009

". . . these shapes that spring from nothing . . ."

(Photograph by Bonnie MacEwan-Zieman, 2009)

Five Senses

Now my five senses
gather into a meaning
all acts, all presences;
and as a lily gathers
the elements together,
in me this dark and shining,
that stillness and that moving,
these shapes that spring from nothing,
become a rhythm that dances,
a pure design.

While I'm in my five senses
they send me spinning
all sounds and silences,
all shape and colour
as thread for that weaver,
whose web within me growing
follows beyond my knowing
some pattern sprung from nothing-
a rhythm that dances
and is not mine.

~ Judith Wright ~

(These shapes, in this painting par moi BMZ, "sprang from nothing" in June, 2009)


  1. Holy smokes, Bonnie! That is beautiful! I don't think it sprang from nothing is backed by talent and tons of feeling. A seed gets planted and it grows to form such beauty..
    It's so great to read your posts..I've missed them!

  2. wow. love the verse...and the painting...they play so well together. that rhythm feels so good when you have it, leaving you wanting when you dont...

  3. Brian: I found the same thing! If you don't capture the rhythm at first, you feel like you're bumping into walls - but once you do, it flows. I thought it was just me. :)

    Now, I'm wondering if the same thing applies to the painting? Hmmmmm . . . guess with any abstract painting you either get it or you don't.

  4. I don't know why but I love the last stanza! ... a rhythm that dances and is not mine... I love the idea of the senses collaborating to bring something together that singularly would not be the same. You always move my thinking in some new way!

  5. Alicia: Yes, I agree. It doesn't spring totally from nothing - but so often when I work it FEELS as if it does. I'm always asking myself, "now where did THAT come from?".

    I'm glad you're back - I missed you too.

  6. Vicky: You express it so beautifully! It is a collaboration of the senses and the unconscious that brings together "all acts, all presences, this stillness, this moving . . ." to form a dance or design that the ego does not recognize. That's the power of getting the ego out of the way, if we want to create.

  7. Bonnie the painting is fantastic. Really amazing.

    Love Renee xoox

  8. The poem and the painting work beautifully together.

    But I have a hard time believing either sprang from nothing. Genius maybe, but not nothing.

  9. I like that painting. Is it abstract? It speaks in very clear language to me!

  10. hi bonnie - the second work - stunning - drew me to remember the work of karen stefano who works with tissue collages: thanks for sharing these. steven

  11. Wonderful painting, Bonnie. I almost envy you your multiple creative talents. But at least we are lucky enough to be able to share in them!

  12. What a beautiful description of inspiration...and what an INSPIRED painting!!! The colors, and the images are spectacular!! I LOVE IT!! And your photo is terrific as well!!! You are extremely talented my friend...It is a privilege to follow your work! Love to you~Janine XO

  13. I love the interesting mix of colors in the painting. The long black figures look like two women to me.

    The close up of the flower is just exquisite!

  14. The painting is beautiful! I love the images that sprang from nothing. The color is fabulous too.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  15. Shapes and images that sprang very much from 'something'...That is one beautiful intuitive painting, Bonnie!

    Gorgeous and refreshing palette!

  16. These figures are amazing, powerful images.

    They seem frozen, surrounded as they are in cool colors. The figure on the left seems to have been separated from her feet; none of them have real arms or hands. Trapped. Powerless. Perhaps they sprung from your experiences in childhood as a captive in your family's household?

    Who's the blurry one in the bottom left hand corner and the only one in the warm?


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