Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowed Skies

Hallowe'en Sunset From My Window, 2009

Darkness descends on Hallowe'en, 2009

Hallowed Eve Sky Scape

All of the above photographs
Bonnie Zieman, Original Art Studio


  1. Nicely done, Bonnie. i like the mood that is in these photos. The dark silhouettes of the branches extending into the glowing October sky.
    I thought i was following you and was surprised to see that i was not. . .hmmm
    Well, i am now.

  2. You have a great mix of a-little-bit-spooky and pure Pretty in these pictures. I love skies and sunsets, and I find they rarely need editing (except when I try to get too much into one picture). How could we improve on such glory?

  3. These straight out of the camera shots don't really require any Photoshop! I love the contrast of the trees amongst the pinks and oranges of the sky :) I worked on getting the almost full moon last night but haven't seen whether I got it yet or not :)

  4. Gary: Thank you for the feedback - and for following!

  5. June: Meant to thank you for becoming a follower too!

  6. Vicky: Thank you. I recall a post of yours a week or so ago with the most amazing sunset shots - the colours were spectacular!

  7. the colors...the sky it seems wanted to get in on the fun and bring its own brilliant costume along.

  8. Nice shots, wish I would have thought of taking some pictures, the sky was so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing ....Su Z.

  9. hello bonnie - hallowe'en here was a blustery, rain spitting, giggler of an evening with the majority of our visitors being in the grade 8 - 10 range. lovely, funny, fun cool-costumed, polite kids having a really good time in groups of six to ten. my favourites are the very tiny little angels, bees, butterflies and kangaroos who made their way to our door and looked wayyy up to ask in their breathiest little voices "twick or tweat". have a lovely first day of november. steven

  10. Beautiful shots Bonnie! Especially the last one. Gorgeous!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  11. Nothing like a beautiful sunset to put the icing on a wonderful day.

  12. The photos are dramatic, beautiful and, at the same time, just eerie enough for Halloween!

    Very nice work Bonnie!

  13. I'm just starting to see scenes like this myself from my windows!

  14. LOVE the skies!!!!!!!




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