Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fearing Paris

photograph from travelzones.net

Fearing Paris

Suppose that what you fear
could be trapped,
and held in Paris.
Then you would have
the courage to go
everywhere in the world.
All the directions of the compass
open to you,
except the degrees east or west
of true north
that lead to Paris.

Still, you wouldn't dare
put your toes
smack dab on the city limit line.
You're not really willing
to stand on a mountainside
miles away,
and watch the Paris lights
come up at night.

Just to be on the safe side
you decide to stay completely
out of France.
But then danger
seems too close
even to those boundaries,
and you feel
the timid part of you
covering the whole globe again.

You need the kind of friend
who learns your secret and says,
"See Paris first".

~~Marsha Truman Cooper~~


  1. I'd rather be scared of stuff than to forgo Paris. I love Paris way too much.

  2. oh wow. love that last line....friends like that are priceless...in Paris or otherwise. smiles.

  3. I never thought of it that way round!
    But, of course, it makes perfect sense. Whatever or wherever your Paris is, tackle it first!
    How clever of you to find this and choose this, but then I always knew I could rely on you to help me to see sense.

  4. What an original idea in this poem! And a delightful and unexpected ending, which makes me think of a situation a close friend is in right now. Thanks for this, Bonnie.

  5. Interesting poem, Bonnie - I suppose one could substitute anything one fears for the word Paris and the meaning would be the same.

  6. Ahhh...yes. See Paris first...
    Wonderful insight.

  7. Hi Bonnie~ This was so great. The moment you start to shut down, the deeper you get until you're paralyzed. However, if you do that one back-burnered thing first, you've got it made! Thank you for this advice! xxox

  8. Phew, I did get it wrong, didn't I?
    In that case, yes, me too. As beautifully as I can. Sadly hat is not going to be very beautiful at all to judge by what I see around me. Old age may be spiritually beautiful but the outward signs are often rather off-putting.
    Pity we can't be dumped on the compost heap.

  9. You bet, always see Paris first unless it's a Hilton.Nothing more empowering than facing fears.

  10. Great advice! Face those fears head on!

  11. Great thought. I'll have to contemplate it for a while, see if I have such a friend.

  12. and you are that "type" of friend Bonnie...always encouraging readers to "See Paris"...and not be held back in life...but to live it!

  13. I already saw Paris first, now I ain't afraid of nothin'.

    Well, not much anyway.

    Just don't make me go to Rome, or even Italy--now that's scary.

  14. 'So many leavings. Too many partings. Why is the reality of life so contrary to the desires of the heart?'

    Dear Bonnie thank you for that gift. Because that is how I feel, that your words were a gift to me and I am grateful.

    Love Renee xoxo

  15. My fear in Paris is that I’ve forgotten how to speak French. A glass of fine wine and it all comes back to me. Paris is delightful. If only all our fears could be so picturesque….

  16. I had to chew on this a bit and come back... ahem and then two days later I read it and see something entirely different... ahhh c'est la vie :)

    So true, too many people will chose to forgo Paris altogether... On a personal level I can't get past the fact that as much as I wanted to love Paris... I had didn't love my time in Paris and have always wanted the chance to go back and see it anew!

  17. Aha! Indeed! Friends like that are rare and precious.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  18. Ah, Paris...what a beautiful city in which to ensnare fear!! Fear would be less "fearful" there!! What a beautiful and inspiring post, Bonnie!!! I'm drinking it all in...breathing deep...so very lovely! Love you~Janine XO

  19. This is as Deborah above has said, an original idea in this poem. I loved it! and the entire post, Bonnie!
    You are so creative!

    Love the pic and one day, one day I will visit Paris!
    For now, it lives fearlessly in my dreams!

  20. This is an interesting one! If one looks at it as just the city Paris..silly..I'd be there in a heartbeat and not worry if my toe would touch in the city limits. Now to substitute Paris for anything that we might fear..yes, I think I'd still have to put my toe all the way in!
    You have the best knack for finding the most unusual thought provoking poems!


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