Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Is It

This is It
and I am It
and You are It
and so is
and He is It
and She is It
and It is It
and That is That.

O It is This
and It is Thus
and It is Them
and It is Us
and It is Now
and here It is
and here We are
so This is It.

                                  ~James Broughton~

And here we are, and this is It, and It is Everything.

Image is from the public domain on the web. 


  1. Dan: Phew . . . I'm so glad. I'd been looking for it for a long time! :)

  2. If IT is that sky and those stars, well, I'm for IT. Yow! That is one gorgeous photograph. Thanks for that, Bonnie. xoxo B

  3. Wonderful...thanks, Bonnie! Aside from being musical and clever, the words just about sum up what it's all about, don't they?

    And the photo. Good heavens, literally. It sent chills down me.

  4. Among all that "IT" is, may IT be our "Internal Truth" - once we have IT - we can make sense of IT!
    It is a great NOW - I am sure of IT. Thanks Bonnie for having IT, sharing IT and being IT.

  5. I think I got IT!!!!!!! At least, I think I got it, what is it now?

  6. It is.

    And That Was The Week That Was.

  7. your words "It Is Everything" com not ring more true.

    Enjoy every moment of "IT"

  8. fabulous - i love it! and so reassuring :-)
    tell me more a bout the photo - are you in a canoe?where? the milky way looks AWESOME from there

  9. Nice photo and poem to start the day with

  10. What a fabulous post!!! I love the photo, and the repetition, structure, and beautiful images your poem conjures...Yes, indeed, it's our relationships that truly matter!!! And I, for one, am truly inspired, and also very grateful to call you my friend!!!! ~Janine XO

    P.S. I'll be back as soon as I kick the pain killers...but I did so want to thank you for your kind and compassionate words! You're the best!!

  11. Sallymandy: The words are musical aren't they?
    And the photo (not mine) is riveting - even though I bet it has been photoshopped quite a bit.

  12. Rose Marie: Thank you. You are truly IT personnified! "Being IT" a good phrase to remember!

  13. Barry: What was, was; What is, is; Whatever will be, will be - que sera, sera whatever will be will be . . .

    Oooops, sorry got carried away just a bIT.

  14. Val: That's not it - I am not the photographer as noted in tiny text at the bottom of my post. Oh that I was IT - but as for the photograph, I'm not IT. :)

    Thanks for your exuberance!!!

  15. Julie: Thanks for dropping in and seeing IT.

  16. Janine: What are you doing coming here? :) You should be resting after surgery - feet up, eyes closed, immune system in gear. I'm sure though that the sweetness, generosity and compassion that you extend to others, envelopes you and heals you.

    You are so IT for me. Heal well.

  17. And in the IT is everything. Oh, I love IT!

  18. I see you on all the blogs I follow so it was time to say hello! Now I have joined your family as well...Please stop by sometime...

    Please come by for a visit sometime. Your blog is beautiful. The photo and words absolutely magnificent.

    much love

  19. i am glad i found it...that picture is...really there are no words...other than it.

  20. What a stunning photograph! Do you know the song "This Is It?" by Kenny Loggins - the chorus always galvanized me. Haven't heard the latest posthumous 'This Is It' by Michael Jackson though.

  21. I can do it, You can do it, We all can do it! So let's do it!

  22. Stacey: Thank you for visiting and following. I will drop by chez vous soon.

    That picture is IT. But I must repeat IT is not my IT. IT was procured from the public domain on the web.

  23. Brian: Thank you. That photo does give a wonderful sense of being enveloped or held by the Milky Way, doesn't IT?

  24. Deborah: Oh, oh, IT did not occur to me how many people might click in thinking they were going to read something about MJ's latest CD.
    I'm glad you enjoyed IT. Photo not mine, btw.

  25. Well how 'bout that. And that is that!

  26. Barbara: Now that would be interesting to hear from everyone - What does the IT in Broughton's poem mean to you?

    Thanks Barbara!!

  27. Linda Sue: IT is kind of like playing tag, isn't IT. Now you're IT!

  28. Ivan: Glad you like IT. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come again soon.

  29. Never thought that the combination of indicative and personal pronouns could be so beautiful. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  30. Cuban: A beautiful way to summarize IT, and bring an end to IT.

    Thank you all - I think we had a little fun. I did.

  31. Now THAT's what IT'S all about.

  32. IT is...and we love IT! Thanks, Bonnie for these great posts.

    happy weekend~
    ps~ we've a blanket of snow here in NY, I'll bet you are experiencing the same...


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