Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"I pray to the birds . . ." ~ Terry Tempest Williams ~

~ The ever beautiful words of Terry Tempest Williams ~

P. S.  Please see my latest post for a description of the life and work of this captivating environmentalist and writer.

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  1. I have never heard of this person Bonnie, but I must say that the words are very beautiful. I have always envied the birds for the way they can soar away - I can well imagine how early man was so obsessed with the idea of flying.

  2. Beautiful poem and great pictures! Perhaps one of the reasons we all have dreams of flying...to have our hearts uplifted.

  3. Thank you Bonnie for this post and the one that follows - each a most telling complement to the other. The poem selected is reflective of such grace and quest. The line, "...they teach me how to listen" has deep significance for me personally and professionally. I use recordings of bird songs with my students to support the development of listening skills - And so to share:

    You Sing Your Song

    Not pained by days past
    Not burdened with lessons of history
    No fear to soar the sky
    No doubt in moment present
    Little bird, little bird
    You sing your song
    And ALL is known.

    Your post in deep appreciation,
    APOGEE Poet

  4. I too have never before heard of her; thank you for introducing me.
    Her words are simple and direct and go straight to the soul, without any great dramatics or pretensions.
    It is wonderful that this way, through blogging, we learn so much of what we would otherwise never experience. For that reason alone I would be unable to give up just yet.
    thank you Bonnie, you are a great find. (thought I'd just say that)

  5. Hi Bonnie

    I was reading this poem the other day in my collection and thought how I must use it in conjunction with my birdie shots so am glad to see that you have posted it with the background information that was very informative and has inspired me to get a copy of 'Refuge'. Thanks Bonnie

    Happy days

  6. oh wow. that was beautiful. i pray to the birds...smiles.

  7. Thank you for this today, Bonnie. I had never heard of her before and her words are beautiful. I like that you have added later posts today giving us more information about her too :)
    I will definitely purchase a copy of Refuge.

    Hugs to You :)

  8. Bonnie, her words are so touching. I have decided to read more poetry because of your blog. I will start with this author. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I LOVE the poem, and your photos are great!


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