Monday, October 12, 2009

" . . . hear my love's refrain . . ."

Oh, you of wounded spirits,
I offer you a place of rest;

Walk among my mountains
And climb to Eagle's nest.

Come swim my oceans,
Or feel my desert's fire.

Sit beside running waters
To reclaim your heart's desire.

Seek my silent forests,
Or walk my open plains,

Travel the deepest jungles
'Til you hear my love's refrain.

I am always waiting
To allow each child to heal

To cradle the wounded spirits,
And teach them how to feel.

I am the Earth Mother,
Who loves without regret,
Tending all my children,
Who through tears
have paid all debts.

~Jamie Sams~

Mother Earth and all her gifts, as described by Jamie Sams above, have played a pivotal role in my physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  I truly feel held and supported in her loving embrace, inspired by her magnificence, healed by her beauty, and restored by her elements.   Do you have examples you would like to share about how you have been touched, inspired or healed by Mother Earth?

P.S.  No children were physically or emotionally hurt in the making of this post.  :-)  
And yes, it is a picture of a hawk and not an eagle, but that is the best picture I have at the moment to illustrate Sams' words.   :-)


  1. I surely need to rest in the arms of Mother Earth. Here, there's too much noise and confusion. Nature offers us the silence, contemplation and Peace. Time will come when I'll be able to climb some mountain and sit there on the top, just breathing!

  2. Ahhhhh! I feel more at peace just reading these words and looking at the photos. While I don't have a specific example of how Mother Earth has healed me, I can say that I was taught from a young age to appreciate and respect her. My feeling for her have only deepened over the years. And I only truly feel at peace when I am surrounded by her, away from all the man-made madness. And like any good daughter, I worry about her health.

    Lovely, inspirational post, once again, dear Bonnie. Thank you!


  3. This is beautiful, and really hits close to home for me.

    I have been healed many times by Mother Earth and all her glory, as you know. Here are two I've written about recently:


    I'm Okay

  4. Oh Bonnie..I so needed that this morning!! Just beautiful hon!! Beautiful shots beautiful words. May your day be sweet! Namaste, Sarah

  5. Angela: Thank you for mentionning that as caring children of Mother Earth, we should be attending to her failing health. So important.

  6. Jeff: Yes, I have enjoyed your posts on how you turn to the Earth for renewal and solace. How could on not - living in New Hampshire? Such stunning surroundings in which to make a life.

  7. Bonnie, I don't think I could count the times I've depended on nature to heal me. I grew up loving the outdoors, depending on the fragrance of pines and grass to center me. Now that I live here, I see less and less of it and long for it more. What a beautiful post, with gorgeous photos. (I'm a hawk freak--there, I admited it. My husband goes along with my shenanigans on hikes to get better looks at them when they're spotted. I think I must have been a hawk once. Or some kind of bird...) Anyway, thanks for this beautiful way to start my indoor day. ;p)

  8. oh bonnie ... we so all need to be quiet and listen to mother earth's whisperings ... many answers we seek are all around us!
    i feel so very blessed that all my life my parents continuously showed me the marvels of mother earth ...
    our kitchen window faced east and looked far over the flat prairie, so the sunrises were spectacular each and every day and it was like mom and dad couldn't wait to share it with us kids ... pointing out the colours and the reflection in the clouds ...
    even the cloudy or stormy days, there was something to behold ...
    and all the little creatures and birds and wildlife ~ they respected them so and passed that along to me, as i am to our children ...
    a gift i will be eternally grateful for ...
    warm wishes to you today ... and thank you!
    prairiegirl xo

  9. You have done an excellent job of matching the words up with these pictures. Truly beautiful!
    I love the pic of your granddaughters on the bridge. What fun!

  10. Every time we go to the Grand Canyon and gaze at all its splendor, it can't help but ease any stress or problems I am feeling at that time, and make me realize how insignificant we really are in this universe.

  11. Sarah: Funny, I so often find exactly what I need chez vous and you come here and say you've found what you need chez moi! Works well I would say.

  12. Barbara: You are so welcome. I was walking by the river and spotted 3 hawks drifting on the air currents. However, by the time I got my camera pointed they were headed inland. I just pointed up and clicked - and out of 4 shots only got that one. Just for you!

  13. Prairie Girl: Well your parents and my mother must come from the same stock. She was always pointing out the smallest details, naming plants, identifying birds from their songs, stopping to enjoy the scent of pine . . . and as you say it was/is one of the best legacies a parent can give a child - love of the Earth.

    Thanks for your heart-warming comment.

  14. Pat: Oh, I so envy you having seen the Grand Canyon - many times!! It must just take one's breath away.

    In the grand scheme of things and when we look at the universe, we are so insignificant - but you are significant in the life you have built.
    I often think of myself as one tiny little cell in the magnificent body of the world - insignificant, yet an essential part of the whole.

  15. Hi Bonnie,

    I feel nature touch me every time I go roaming the woods and field with Benno. If you have eyes to see , ears to listen and a soul to to expand you cannot help but be moved.

    Benno and i have just come back from a walk in the woods and we are bursting with the many impressions we have gathered. No matter how unspectacular, nature offers herself up unreservedly.

  16. Beautiful pictures to accompany a wonderful ode to Mother Earth. I can't even begin to say how many times I have been rejuvenated by her from the smell of the dark damp woods in fall to the warm sand between my toes in the summer. How powerful is that?

  17. I am trying to think of specific examples but they are all interwoven and interrelated. From having my breath carried away from me by the wind, to the indescribable feeling of the first touch of sun on my skin in the early spring... to the mind numbing and needle piercing sting of the cold in the winter... its where I feel most alive... always!

    A great piece of writing accompanied by such perfectly paired photos!

  18. This is a beautiful post. I am a happy gardener, so I appreciate the earth for the beauty and the bounty provided.

  19. The photos you chose work wonderfully with the poem!

    And I feel the same way you do, that I am held and warmed at heart and healed of spirit, by Nature and all its aspects and elements.

  20. oh, I love Jamie Sams! In fact, I have "Wounded Spirits" earmarked in my book, Earth Medicine, 8th Moon! Your photos carry this wisdom perfectly! I have tried to follow this book like a calendar, inspiring me throughout the year, but it's so hard to follow that way! Another poem from that book that is meaningful to me is "Seeing the Spirit." "Spirit breathes the aliveness Into every flower and tree, And fosters our connections to life's Sacred Mystery..."

  21. So beautiful. I think every time I look outside I feel wrapped in Mother's arms. Looking out at nature is healing and inspiring. I never feel quite the same way when I look out at cityscapes, as lovely as they are.

    Right now our little creek is overflowing - Mother Nature is blasting our part of the world with wind gusts in the mountains, and buckets of rain - a gentle reminder that Mother is to be respected at all times.

  22. Hello Bonnie

    your poem today tells me that no matter where in the world we live we can still get close to the earth and her healing energy.

    Happy days

  23. Beautiful and very inspiring poem. I love your photos..

  24. refreshing moment in the words and images here...thank you. Listening to the wind rustling through the oaks holds a special feeling for me~


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