Thursday, September 10, 2009

What can I say? It's a popular spot!

So here we are friends
back at the same spot
where I started my story
about Gloria.
Gloria who would not be deterred
Gloria who would not go away.
Do you recognize the bridge pedestals
where Gloria first
installed herself
with books and papers?
Well, today new, strange, uninvited guests
have arrived.
They seem to be a different sort of guest
Arriving with their own
meditation cushions or mats to sit upon.
(Please click on photos for a larger view)
They are not the kind
of uninvited guest who
takes up too much room
or goes too far
or expects too much
These "guests" do not speak
They have come for the silence
Broken only by the soft sounds
made by the babbling brooke
down beneath the bridge.
The guest on the red cushion
Seems to be
The more experienced meditator
She has not moved a muscle.
Our other guest
Seems less comfortable
Seated on the ground.
And her movements suggest
she is perhaps new
to the practice of meditation . . .
Because, oooops
See the next photograph?
Her head has flopped over
And she has fallen asleep.
So now you see there are different kinds
of "trespassers"
 to our park-like setting:
the quiet, non-invasive, respectful
meditative types.
And then there was
another kind of guest called . . .
hmmmmm what was her name?
Oh yes,


  1. This type I could deal with. The Glorias of the world, not so much.

  2. How funny this had just started happening! Maybe Gloria posted it with some little thumbtack on the grocery store bulletin board. "Free-zone, park like setting. All welcome. Come camp out. They won't mind. Really." :p)

  3. Jazz:

    I agree - these two women were no trouble at all. It still is weird to have people park themselves on the edge of your property!

  4. Barbara:

    Well, it didn't just start happening. People make their way here all the time to stand on the bridge and look at the brooke and paysage. But most look and leave and don't intrude.

    This pair made themselves much more comfortable than most - sitting down for a little meditation session - but were bothering no one.

    Maybe G. did post a note - I'll have to check that out! :)

  5. Hmmm. What can you do with this, I wonder? Hey, let's go down THERE and sit. You sit in the dirt and look this way, I will sit on my za-buton and look that way. Let's see...the sound of one hand clapping...zzzzz. OK. Time to move on. Let's go get a salad and some coffee. Did they pass your way for a reason?


  6. How very intriguing. Have you heard of the free for all gatherings some young people are having?
    I forget what they are called, but they send a twitter message and all meet in one place. Maybe they are testing you?! :-)

  7. Hmmmm, it is lovely that you have created a refuge in your garden...I'm not sure how I'd feel about people camping on the edge of my property...I do value my privacy.

    Hey, if you lived in Norway they might be setting up tents. My niece just returned from there and said people can live where ever they choose...even on your front lawn...LOL!!

    At least they are quiet :D

  8. Jenn:

    Intriguing! I love conspiracy theories. She's a therapist . . . how can we drive her insane???
    I know! Let's . . . . . .

  9. Expat:

    If they did pass my way for a reason, I need you to explain it to me. Please . . .

  10. Hmmm, gives me a better understanding of why people sometimes fence themselves in and/or post "No Trespassing" signs on every tree.
    I guess being that you have a large and quite beautiful property this could be expected. If someone is looking for a place for meditation and solace why not venture to a state park or something. I have been to many and even though they are open to the public they can be quite vacant and peaceful most times.

    As a photographer that likes to venture out and capture old barns and quaint little spots I have helped nyself to many a private property as well. The thing is I never venture in too far and never saty for more than a few minutes. If I see the owner I try to ask if it is ok to take some photos. If the body language or response is a bit cold or I read that they say yes but are not really feeling comfortable about it, I say thanks, sorry and move on.
    Most of the time, it seems that if I found something interesting to photograph, many others did as well before me and so these homeowners are used to it. Soemtimes they are delighted and I even offer to send them the images via snail mail or email.
    I just could not imagine or think about sitting down and setting up for an afternoon.
    If I were you I would be concerned because I have no idea who they are or what their intentions could be.
    I think though if Gloria does come back you would have to tell her that your privacy is sacred and although you feel she is "nice" that you wishe to be in private.
    If that did not work then the police would be the next move. . .

  11. ChicGeek:

    They certainly were quiet.

    OMG, the Norway example sounds intimidating. Anyone can just "squat" wherever they choose - even after someone else has purchased and tended the land?? Perhaps they are a little more advanced in their thinking than I - great for squatters, not so great for owners. But then I heard myself the other day complaining about capitalism - and here I'm defending absolute ownership. Oh, no . . . more values clarification to do!!!!

  12. Gary:

    Interesting to here the point of view from the other side. Having to go on private property to get some of your amazing shots. However, you describe your approach as being one that is very respectful and I'm sure people appreciate that.

    It does seem a shame that we have to be so suspicious of our fellow earth dwellers.

    Gloria did come back - twice in fact. Both times I was less friendly and quite clear that I did not have the inclination to visit with her or to share my space with her. So, third time was a charm. She never came back. Although I have seen her walk by - and our street is a dead end.

    If I lived in the middle of no where, I might consider calling the police. But I do have some neighbors - and this is a small community and I am averse to creating a "reputation", if you know what I mean.

  13. Well, Bonnie, you are having some unique experiences these past couple of days. Wow, it's all very interesting. I completely understand your story about Gloria. We want to be gracious, but then we want and need our boundaries to be respected. I give you credit for how you handled that situation.

    I have to say I cannot blame them all, your place is just stunning!

    to quieter days~:)

  14. It is amazing, isn't it, Bonnie. I don't think it would be something that I would like. I think being able to own one's spot in the world, tend to it, love it and care for it is such a wonderful thing.

    I came back because I wanted to compliment your quote up above from Channing. I am going to look for more of what he has to say. That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

  15. I am wondering where you live that people just wander by and take root.......very strange.

  16. I loved Gary Heller's commentary. Really liked his pictures, too.
    Bonnie: Whatever we put out on our postings is fair game, right? You discussed that not too long ago. You are a welcome and honored guest, and you have made me feel the same way here. You are NEVER off-base, and never out of line with your comments. Considering the love and care you put into you relationships, that limits the possibility of that ever happening. Your growing list of followers is a testament to that. But, hell can be internal. I can speak from personal experience. The location is irrelevant. I am actually enjoying the time here, but remain unsure of whether I can ABIDE here. One day at a time.

    You are the best.

  17. Calli:

    Yes, I try to be gracious. It FINALLY occurred to me that one reason I may have trouble telling people to leave is that I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, and had to go door-to-door with their publications. Many times I was ordered to leave people's property, in no uncertain terms . . . it was humiliating and degrading.

    So my little light bulb moment, is that I probably have trouble doing to others what was done to me (although now out of the Witness Sect I understand people's ire at being accosted about joining another religion!).

  18. ChicGeek:

    The Channing quote is beautiful isn't it. I reread it often and love every sentiment expressed and try to emulate them all.

    Thank you.

  19. Expat:

    I really appreciate the feedback about a comment I made today on your blog. You are right, of course, hell usually is within - place is not the main factor.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your time there. I must have been projecting about how I would feel (and did feel at a previous time in my life) in a similar milieu.

    I like our honest, frank exchanges!

  20. Wow, we don't always get second chances in our life lessons...and so soon!
    I love the fact that you were lurking around trying to take their pictures...just so that you could continue this lesson/story for us! I don't mean to say that you were being creepy or anything, just quiet and careful. I think that is kind of funny! Thanks for the evidence!
    Why did this happen again? What if these people had come first and then Gloria? Would you have felt the same about her? Yourself?
    Silence versus babbling. Very curious.

  21. Meg:

    This was not a second chance for me to "get a lesson" . . . it's the second opportunity you have had to hear about what happens all the time here.

    And, no, I do not consider myself to be lurking on my own property. My daughter was about to arrive for a luncheon date and as I was getting dressed I saw them from our bedroom window.

    I always have my camera at the ready. Yesterday, I got several shots of 6 raccoons that appeared to eat fallen pears just before dusk. Would you consider my taking pictures of that unusual occurence "lurking"?

    I guess you did not read my response to your comment in my last post. There, too, you indicate that this happens as a "lesson" for me. I suppose there is a possibility you could be right. I know there are learnings - I do not believe it is a "divinely sent lesson". That is a form of magical thinking - e.g. "whatever I need arrives at my doorstep". This is what is called "primary process thinking" and as adults we need to move beyond it. Unfortunately many of us revert to it as a way of avoiding the unpalatable "givens" of human existence. This form of thinking is very popular these days - and often leads to huge disappointment, when we find out lessons are not sent to us, nor can we attract what we want to us by our thinking.

    This (people enjoying our land) happened again - for the thousandth time - because our land looks like a park and people are drawn to it. Some people behave well while they enjoy it, some don't. That's it, that's all.

    See Expat's comment in this post about "fair game".

  22. Hilary:

    We live outside of Montreal in Quebec, Canada - between a mountain and a river - in a community of about 15,000 people.

    It is a beautiful spot - many apple orchards around here - and people come for miles to get apples here in the Fall.

    Our property is part of a unique space created by one man. He made it to look like a park. He gave pieces of the "park" to his sons, to build their homes. One son did not appreciate the privilege of living in this parkland, and sold the property . . . to us.

  23. Hi Meg:

    It just occurred to me that perhaps you thought I was lurking taking pictures, because you envisionned me behind a bush waiting for someone to appear . . . ?? These pictures were taken with a powerful zoom lens. I was in my bedroom, and by my front door. No lurking involved. :)

  24. I wonder if these are complete strangers passing through or people living in the nearby community. Ever so often, someone in a golf cart will come half way down our drive and turn around and leave...a very young person probably...but never the less you wonder what are they thinking!

  25. I KNEW it- Gloria posted a map on a public loo wall- "for a good time..." Even if the visitors were well behaved, it is unsettling to say the least. Lesson? what's that about? Here's the lesson "no trespassing".
    If we did that where I grew up we would be shot at- really- it happened to my brother. That is going a bit far, granted...but still boundaries should be respected, I think that there is a law to that effect?

  26. You mean this is your private property and they just go there as if it was a public park? That is very interesting.

  27. Wanda:

    I think most of them drift down from a lovely promenade nearby. Guess it depends how you define the word 'stranger'.

  28. Linda Sue:

    Thanks for getting my frustration at the 'lesson' implication.

    I roared when I read what you wrote - that G. posted a notice on a loo wall saying "For a good time . . ." You never know!

    Thanks for dropping in, hope you will come back again soon.

  29. Ces:

    Thank you for commenting. Yes. But it does look like a public park - partly because it consists of several acres. It looks like the sort of thing a town would construct for its citizens, not something one man could build. So it's understandable that some might be confused.

  30. Wow, what a ride.....lot's of thoughts.... I'm thinking a sign or two is in order for the confused passersby.....maybe something artistic and eloquent....?

    Wish I could pass by and spend some time meditating...however, I'd probably be the one to fall asleep.


  31. This really is strange. I live right next to a stream and I'm not sure how I would feel if people just sat down and made themselves at home. On the other hand, if they're respectful...

    There is a message/lesson here, this couldn't just be coincidence. ??

  32. I think you soon will be the proud owner of a 'must visit place' in Montreal :))

  33. Turquoise:

    Oh no!! Is that what I've accomplished with this post?? :-)

  34. Nancy:

    Yes, it seems we humans are quite territorial. As for your question about lessons, scroll back in the comments and read my response to "Meg Runs".


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