Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what can i say? it's a popular spot II

Another sneaky guest
who like previous guests would not be deterred -
arrived yesterday
for supper.

Oh, and another guest
perched up in a tree.
In fact, there are two -
What is that hanging from his mouth?
"Hey guys, I thought you were creatures of the night?"

You let one or two stay for supper
And the whole family shows up . . .
Marched right up the stairs
They did.
And even knocked over
Quan Yin
Who has been stationned as a compassionate guard
In the hollow treel
(She is laying face down, half in the tree)

I was not prepared for so many incognito dinner guests.
Did not have my glasses at the ready
Like they had their masks
So could not make the proper settings on the camera.
(Thus the poor quality of the photographs.)
They were quite unaccomodating
Refusing my suggestion
To gather together for a family shot.
There were six of them
But only caught 4 or 5, at a time, in my range.

"Hey lady
I don't like being watched
while I'm eating!"

A couple of them stayed down underneath the bridge
Perhaps that's where they live -
And they see me as the uninvited guest.
Or perhaps they are the timid ones.

"Lady, this is my sleeping area
Do you mind . . .?
Do I come peeking in your bedroom?"

Two scurry up the giant tree
Right past me
As I stand on the bridge trying to 'capture' them with my camera.

Once they get above me
They pause to turn around
And get a good look
At the strange creature below with the clicking habit.

What can I say,
It's a popular spot!


  1. We have a similar family of raccoons that visit our backyard the minute we go to bed. As in years past, they helped themselves to a good portion of our grape harvest, but that's okay. We rather like them. We definitely prefer them to the skunks and opossums that also roam around nocturnally, too.

  2. Hi Bonnie

    you saved the best shot 'til last...creatures have away at looking at us from the safety of their tree or habitat that seems to be mocking...don't you think...

    Are they usually nocturnal like the possums....

    Happy days

  3. I know they can be a problem, but i like raccoons. So smart! And cute. Those are some big trees.

  4. You managed to get great photos of them up the tree...These cute little creatures steal the near ripe peaches off our trees every year! We won the battle over the bird feeders by installing stove pipe guards to them, but lost the peach battle.

  5. Dan, Yes much prefer them to skunks. Our neighbours had a family of skunks living under their front porch. Somehow no one got sprayed.

    Raccoons are nocturnal, so we were surprised to see them a few times around 6:00 p.m., while it is still light . . . Perhaps they have poor eyesight and thought it was dark???

  6. Delwyn: The last shot was the best of all that I got. I had rushed out without my glasses, and I cannot see the settings to adjust them on my camera. Oh well - there were a couple of blurry shots that would have been fabulous . . . or so the story goes.

    Yes, they are normally nocturnal, so not sure what was up with them appearing in daylight.

  7. Sandra: They are very smart critters. They can figure out how to open almost anything. They have amazing dexterity with their paws.

  8. I am so glad you can laugh at your visitors. My cat and I just chased a mouse off of the deck. We have 3 cats, what is it thinking?

  9. OMG they are so cute!!! How fun is that! I think the shots were just peachy!! I love it!
    We have (I think) a single coon that visits my bunnies now and again..reaching in his paw and fishing out bunny treats. The bunnies do not like it and stamp thier feet at 4am. But..I don't mind so much!!! Wonderful post hon!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  10. Wanda: I'd love to hear about the stove pipes that protect the bird feeders - from the squirrels, I assume. We tried everything and the squirrels still managed to monopolize the feeders!

  11. Jenn: Oh I love our wild animal visitors - as long as they don't get in the house. I usually talk to them once they are a bit used to my presence. Some of them, like dogs, cock their heads to the side as if trying to understand. Just so sweet.

  12. Sarah: Is that how you get up so early to do your artwork - and accomplish so much in your days - getting up when the bunnies tell you the raccoon is back?

  13. I love this! I remember feeding a raccoon out of my palm, on my back porch (that's another conversation)... the next night: She brought her entire family, making my cat go berserk!

    What was I thinking?!


  14. Gloria and her family of shape shifters?

  15. Bonnie, this is absolutely fantastic! We had rabbits in Minneapolis like you wouldn't believe this summer. They were all over the place. And we began to wonder if some natural predator had died off. Still don't know why.

    But raccoons . . . i think I might be a tad intimidated by such a crowd!

    Speaking of less-than-perfect photos, come see if you might be interested in a meme that Derrick and I are hosting. Bet you've got some shots that might fit the bill if you couldn't find your glasses!



  16. LOL! What a cute post. I thoroughly enjoyed your uninvited guests. Hopefully they will use their manners and not get into mischief while visiting your very popular vacation spot.

  17. Raccoons! Oh, I love them. Saying that, I would probably freak out a bit if the whole family turned up at the same time :-).

    Fantastic photos. Many thanks. I hope they don't stay for long.

    Greetings from London.

  18. LOL! Oh my, Bonnie! You did have quite the guest list there!

  19. Hi Bonnie,
    Loved how you captured those raccoons. I loved all your shots and your story to go with it. The raccoon in his dark whole-kind of scary. Nice big trees for them to scurry up.

  20. They can be such a destructive pain in the butt, but they're SO cute!

  21. They are so cute. Can't believe you had so many dinner guests! What a fun surprise:)

  22. Raccoons! Never seen them live, not even in zoos. And you have them frolicking in the garden. All I have is grey squirrels.

    Another reason to go on blogging and taking photos: you never know what might tickle somebody else's fancy or present them with a whole new slant on life in the backyard. Cheers, Bonnie!

  23. I find it a very rewarding to share our world with the wildlife that venture our way. I spent some time in Alaska in Brown Bear country and have wonderful photos of the interactions of these great and wonderful animals with humans. You find that each has a personality of his own, family traits are inherited (the way they stand, walk and even body and facial structure). When we, as you have, take the time to observe, wonderful things are learned. Thanks for sharing. I love the night shot.

  24. I dont know about you but I like these guests than the others.. :))

  25. They drive me crazy!! There are far too many of them and they are far too urbanized! I was up the other night "fighting" with them as they made a racket with my neighbour's recycling buckets...the flashlight in their eyes finally persuaded them it was time to move on. I'm getting too old for this!! lol!!

  26. Gotta love those raccoons! Once you get to know individuals, and they get to know you it's even more fun. And then when the time comes in early summer momma raccoon brings her kits to show off with great pride. Wow! ATB! Rusty


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