Tuesday, September 8, 2009

. . . still resisting the inevitable . . .

I know these words to be true
And yet
I often catch myself
Holding on
Clinging to the known
Loving what is
A little too much
Wanting it
To remain what is.

And so I create
Little reminders for myself
That I share with you
Just in case
You are holding on, too.


  1. Hi Bonnie

    and they are such lovely reminders...
    thank you...

    Happy days

  2. I am a stubborn one, so I hold on. The photo of the leaf is really good.

  3. Even those things that do seem to hold on (even when you don't want them to) change and evolve over time. As I discover whenever I go back to the original source and discover that what I remember is nothing like what actually took place.

  4. Delwyn:

    You are welcome.


    Thank you.

    Barry: Isn't that the truth. We cling to our memories - often to be surprised that they morphed over time, or were embellished . . . Memories are actually quite unreliable, yet we do love our re-writes!

  5. Oh, yes, Bonnie~ Tis in our nature to want to hold on, especially in love, though if we learn to love within the flow of energy and change, without resistance, then hopefully, it grows, it flows and becomes more beautiful.

    This certainly can be said of most things.

    love the post~

  6. I used to have a memory for every word of conversations and the smallest happenings in my life. I had to let go. Having the good memories was wonderful but the bad were too heart breaking. I watch my mother relive history when we talk and it's painful. I think that's why I've let go of so much. Now that I'm sifting thru things here at home, I feel even more "lifted" and looking ahead is more to my taste.
    I loved the post. You always make me look inside and I like that.

  7. Caring deeply about something is a wonderful feeling...holding on is understandable...but being open to change is often a gift in waiting.

  8. loving and thoughtful words as we change seasons ... and with this change, for me, comes tomorrow ~ the day our youngest children (twins) embark on their grade 12 journey ... best just embrace it along with them ... although there is a tiny spot in my heart that yearns for them to be little again ... trying not to cling ... remembering to let them strengthen the wings we have given them ...
    going forward!

  9. Great reminders. Sometimes it's things I need to let go of physically...things that I no longer need. Sometimes it's old ideas or ways of doing things. Sometimes it's hanging on to the shore when I need to let go and float...

  10. It is so difficult to let go; holding on to what we know is safe and familiar helps the cowards amongst us to go from day to day. Tell me how to let go, to take that leap into the unknown, to be brave.

  11. Calli: A beautiful word "flow" - poems, books laud the process. FLOW

  12. Cathy:

    Such a good reminder that holding on is contraction and sooner or later cuts off the 'flow' and becomes painful. Thank you.

  13. Wanda: More words we can all benefit from remembering: "open" and "gift". We have to be open for the flow of change to bring us the next gift. How much do we miss by holding on?

  14. Prairie Girl Studio:

    Yes, trying not to cling. Clinging always has a pitiful connutation to it for me. I don't want to be a clinger.

    Embrace the flow, embrace change, as you say.

  15. Sherry Lee:

    Yes, and it takes trust to let go of the shore and float - trust in the process of life and change. Thanks!

  16. Friko: Well, I'm working on it too - but the first thing that comes to mind is don't let go of everything all at once. Start slow and with baby steps. Let go of a way of doing something that is taking more energy than its worth. Let go of an old idea that no longer benefits you.
    Try going out for an evening to just see where the flow takes you - without a plan.

    When we get comfortable releasing our hold of small things, we may then have the confidence to tackle some of the bigger things that are burdening us, or blocking us from the gifts of change as Wanda says.

  17. Yes, thanks for the reminder. I need all the reminders I can get today. Your post was just what I needed.

  18. Such wise words. Thank you for this Bonnie :D

    Wishing you a beautiful week!


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