Monday, September 21, 2009

Ram Das

This morning in Barry's post from An Explorer's View of Life, he asks an important question - of himself.  After leaving a comment I recalled a quotation I had ready to post from Ram Das
that offers an important thought for us all.
You need search no further
than right where you are - here and now.
Rich, deep terrain
immediately available
for all
inveterate explorers
of life.

The way is so simple.
Not always easy,
But simple.
Start where you are.


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  1. It is a simple quote indeed, but it makes such a great deal of sense. We often spend a great deal of time looking for and searching for answers all over the place but we need only stop and look within for the truth of what comes next.

  2. I just read part of Ram Dass' book, Still Here. He continues to suffer from a serious stroke a few years ago, but that is my word. From reading his book, that isn't his. What a tremendous inspiration he remains - for me and for many. I think we all need to remain..."still here".


  3. Thanks for this. I think you know I needed to hear that today.

    So I'm starting over, starting from here - right where I am.

    I'll let you know where I end up.

  4. Great quote. I think I will repeat it to myself over and over today.

  5. A very good quote! So many times we run helter skelter when confronted with trying to make decisions. The truth is to just stop and's right there for us to see. We just have to be open to receive the guidance which is the hardest part of all...trusting ourselves.

  6. Such a great reminder for all of us! Thank you, both for the wisdom you share here and on my little blog! Have a beautiful day!

  7. I remember listening to a tape by Ram Das years and years ago. I was deeply influenced by him. Thanks for this quote. And I love Alicia's comment. Yes, trusting ourselves is key. That and listening to that inner voice when it speaks.

  8. So true. Sometimes the hard part is recognizing the next message and properly interpreting what it means.

  9. Sherry Lee: Well said, "the truth of what comes next" and the truth of what is.

  10. Expat: So true. I would imagine Ram Das accepts whatever life deals him. Regardless of his internal or external conditions he is still here - now. And now is all any of us have.

  11. Jeff: Think I will join you! And wherever we end up - then that will be the here and the now.

    Such a hard lesson to learn (speaking for myself) - to not always be pining for what isn't or what we would prefer (e.g. to believe in a personal god) but to be with ourselves where we are now. Otherwise, we have abandonned ourself.

  12. Alicia: And I imagine it is much easier to trust ourselves when we are still and can listen.

  13. Barbara: Yes, how many messages from within do we miss?

  14. Meri: It has been my experience that the messages from without need more interpretation than the ones from within. But that's just me.

  15. your blog is so inspirational!
    you are helping me realize i need more time for self-reflection.
    thanks for that! :)

  16. zuppaartista: You are welcome - and I thank you!

  17. Yup being very hard but so wonderful when you can be there!! Wonderful post hon! To be able to step into the moment as it presents itself! Wonderful! Hugs, Sarah

  18. Ram Dass is wise, but also human and, in many ways, ordinary. He's ordinary and extraordinary, just like all of us. Maybe he's explored the extraordinary parts of his life a bit more than most of us... but still.

  19. Thank you Bonnie, The gifts of "NOW" so beautifully represented.

  20. Start where you simple, yet so hard to do sometimes.

    Great post, as always, Bonnie! Thanks for another thought-provoking and inspirational post!

    Have a Happy Day!

  21. Missy:
    Rose Marie:

    Thank you all for visiting and commenting. Much appreciated.

  22. Dan: Not sure what you are getting at in your comment . . . do you not like Ram Das? Or is it his quote you don't care for?

  23. Simple ans easy but very difficult to remember. I wonder if Ram Das is OK I heard thet he was seriously ill..


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