Friday, September 11, 2009

it seems like just yesterday . . .

Remembering the fallen and the broken-hearted of  9/11/01
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  1. Hello Bonnie

    let's not forget...

    Happy days

  2. I remember it so clearly. I actually saw the second plane hit as the Today Show host was talking about the speculation of what had happened. My farrier & I had a strange bond for sometime after, as he was here. I had a TV in the barn office and I brought it to the barn aisle so we could watch. Thanks Bonnie.

  3. Thank you Bonnie!! As my husband heads off to Guard duty this morning, they are all on our minds today!! Blessings, Sarah

  4. Thanks for these words - I was remembering an old friend who was lost that day and left behind 4 kids. I loved that novel too.

  5. The symbolism of that loss in NYC still grips me nine years later. I can only hope and pray that my country is more soulful, more self-aware, more rooted in the values that have shaped us. Considering those who bravely gave their lives on that day, and continue to do so with what has transpired me encouragement for the soul of this country.

    Thanks for doing this, and thanks for Ernie!


  6. It will always be a, "Where were you when it happened" moment, or as Alan Jackson sings, "Where were you when the world stopped turning?"

    It's hard to believe it's been 8 years. It's still hard to watch the tapes of those planes smashing into the towers. I pray for everyone who lost someone that day.

  7. Thanks for the beautiful memorial posting.

  8. I couldn't have articulated this any better than that statement. This has been a favorite quote for me for some time and is especially fitting of today! I especially love the green and life affirming nature of the background on the canvas!

  9. Thank you for remembering in such a nice way.

  10. One of my favourite quotes. I always hold a place for Hemingway's quote on my page.

    Everything Expat has so beautifully stated...

    Lovely that you placed this post of remembrance this day~blessings to all~and we may never forget.

  11. more than anything today, i believe we have to ... for those who fell and those left behind in this horrific event and all other senseless events ... to learn from what has happened and try ever hard to strive for peace ...
    thank you bonnie ~ your quote and your brilliant green of life and growth is full of hope for a stronger, brighter world ahead ...
    thanks always, too for visiting ~
    prairiegirl xo

  12. this is stunning and so perfect with the green, so lovely...

  13. Bonnie that is really beautiful.


  14. Thank you for remembering and posting such a beautiful sentiment, Bonnie.
    You are truly a special and loving person.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!



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