Wednesday, September 9, 2009

how to make good wine taste great

Last year, after Christmas we were invited over to friends for the evening.  Our host was eager to show us some wine glasses he had received as an xmas gift.  "You have to try these," he exclaimed, "they make the wine taste even better than it normally tastes!"  My husband and I giggled since he is famous for loving every new device or gadget that comes on the market.  "Sure, sure," we replied.  "No really!", he insisted, "you won't believe it."

Husband and I smiled at each other thinking this friend is so lovable that we will play along with whatever he wants.  I was half expecting it to be some trick wine glass that makes the wine dribble down your chin no matter how carefully you drink from it.  I was glad that our friend, Henri, seemed to be focusing his enthusiasm and pressure to try the glass on my husband.

"First you try the wine in a regular crystal glass - and then you will try the same wine in one of these new special glasses and you will see how the very same wine tastes better."  My husband obliged, swirled the wine in the regular glass, took a sniff of the bouquet and drank.  He had many wine-lover's words to describe the burgundy liquid.  Then Henri offered him the same wine but in the new stemware.  Same protocol - swirl, sniff, swig - except this time my husband, who has amazing big green/blue eyes, got very still and his eyes got very big.  "You know what?" he said, "It is better".   He went on to describe what qualities of the wine had suddenly become more apparent with this "special glass".  "See!" said Henri, "I told you."

Then it was my turn, and yes, I had to admit the wine's flavours were more distinct and enjoyable in this new crystal wineglass.

Well, we were convinced and the next morning we headed off to a wine specialty store to buy some.  We just bought two - still afraid it might have been a fluke.  These glasses are made in Germany and are pricey.  Here in Canada we paid about $30 per glass. My guess is that they would be less expensive in the U.S., and maybe in Europe as well.  So we wanted to try out a couple for a while, before we invested in a set.  They seem to be sold in boxes of four.  The wine store where we purchased them had no problem with breaking up a set to sell us only two. 

It was not a fluke, the wine is more enjoyable,  and it was so much fun introducing other friends and family to them, as Henri had to us.  So we bought more.  Now we have them for various types of wine.  All the stemware you see on our table in the photographs here is from Eisch.  We started giving them as gifts as well, wanting our friends to enjoy them - and wanting them available to us when we are entertained by them! We have so much fun doing the taste comparison with our guests, because no one believes that the same wine will taste better in a different glass!

Now we have hutches and cabinets full of our previous crystal stemware, which rarely gets used, because everyone always wants the best wine experience they can have, and that requires drinking from these amazing Eisch glasses.  I have taken some of the images and information found on the Eisch website to post for you here, explaining why the wine is better in their crystal:

 Eisch Breathable Crystal Stemware from Germany

Eisch Breathable wine glasses are made from a special process that changes the molecular structure in the glass allowing it to breath.  A wine poured into an Eisch breathable glass for just 2 to 4 minutes will show signs of aeration equivalent to the same wine that has been decanted and aerated for 1 to 2 hours. This fully natural process takes place within the wine itself in just minutes. The original character and structure of the wine are preserved, yet the wine’s aroma and palate impression become more open, generous and polished. The Breathable Glass does not lose its effectiveness ever! It does not have any special cleaning requirements, so you can wash it as you would other quality crystal glass.

Breathable Glass
Breathable Glasses are made from a special raw material mixture in lead-free crystal glass quality. After the actual manufacturing process, the glasses undergo an oxygenising treatment which gives the Breathable Glasses its unique properties.

In addition to wine, Breathable Glasses can also lead to improvements with spirits, fruit juices, and mineral water.
The Breathable Glass does not lose its effectiveness - ever!

We, our family and friends can vouch for the fact that you will truly find your wine tastes the same, but better, with these glasses.  And we have no vested interest in making this claim.  (Although Eisch if you see this, a few new sets of your stemware would be appreciated!!)  With Christmas coming before we know it, you might want to consider these as gifts for your wine-loving friends, or for yourself. Let me know if you do!  

Cheers!  Sante!   Salut!  ChinChin!


  1. I do agree with you on the glasses. Amazing but true...LOL
    Cheers :D

  2. We drink beer out stryfoam! LOL
    I know absolutely nothing about wine, but that is on my bucket list!

  3. I can't believe that. Really. My husband will never go for this new idea but I'll try...

  4. ok ... and wow ... this is really fascinating and intriguing! we dinner back and forth with friends who, while we are country bumpkins, travel the world extensively and love to cook ... and love their wine, so it is always an adventure to get together ... i think these glasses would just add to our experience ... thanks ... off to investigate further ...
    down the road in manitoba,

  5. Perhaps the money invested in the glasses can be recouped by drinking lesser (cheaper) wines in them and getting similar pleasure?

    I live smack dab in the middle of California's BEST wine country, so I am intrigued. Thanks for the tip. I hope you're not pulling our legs!

  6. Meg Runs: The way we were introduced is the best - with that little taste comparison. Really - google it and see what other people say about it.

  7. Prairie Girl Studio:

    It really would make a nice gift for your host - and, as you say, a fun evening trying them out. You have to try the wine in an ordinary glass first and then in the Eisch. The improvement in the taste in undeniable!

  8. Dan:

    Perhaps cheaper wines will work. But I think you get really good wines much cheaper down there than we do here. We have a liquor board run by the government that smacks on really high taxes.

    We love to see what good wines we can find in the $15 - $25 range. (That could be $10-15 for you.) But a really cheap wine, would probably still taste like a little better version of its cheap self!

    I laughed out loud when you said you hoped I was not pulling your leg. I am an old leg-puller from away back! However, I would not try and get my followers to spend hard earned money on a joke. I suggest you google it and see what reports you can find, besides mine. You can also go to the Eisch website. Cheers!

  9. well, it really IS true!!!

    and i think the same true of most dishes - presentation is everything, dahling!!! :)

    very nice post - and if it weren't so late....

  10. Just wanted to stop by to say how much I enjoyed reading this post & to say hello. You have a great blog and really interesting photo's too. Best wishes and thank you for sharing...

  11. Being a wine lover, I am now off to Google these marvels and give them a whirl!! Yet another reason I love blogging! Thanks Bonnie!

  12. I love drinking my wine out of plastic stemware, don't know if it's the plastic or the size of the glass, but being a sucker for gagets, (but I am a skeptic). Think I will go to Total Wine today and check it out, ya know the plastic is starting to wear. Thanks

  13. GypsyWoman:
    Yes, presentation does help - but it is the glasses that create the superior flavors.

  14. Elise:

    Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Hope you'll drop by again soon.

  15. Fascinating, Bonnie. I'll watch out for them.

    Then I can buy inexpensive wine for my guests and they'll think I spent a fortune. lol

  16. Jayne:

    Yes, it is fun to share our discoveries - or to be the one reading about it. If you decide to purchase a couple, let me know what you think.

  17. Hi Bonnie

    that was an interesting post and doubly so because I heard my son, after giving Beloved some of his home brewed beer, suggest that he pour it into a glass to aerate it and it would taste much better...which it does...same principle I suppose...

    Happy days

  18. What a great gift to give. I will remember this.

  19. If Mr. Jazz sees this he'll absolutely positively need these glasses...

  20. This is my second attempt at a comment so I apologize if it shows up twice... feel free to disregard :)

    The gals of my book club are all into wine and we have even considered a wine bar for a book club meeting. I enjoy wine but suffer from migraines after even the smallest amounts so generally stay away now. But I can't wait to see if the girls have heard of these glasses! Thanks for sharing such an interesting discovery :)

  21. This is such a great post. So different and interesting. Well, Bonnie, I know what wine glasses are on my want list!

    They sound lovely and magical in a very special way.

    Thank you~
    ps~ love the photos, and the Hydrangeas are gorgeous! :)

  22. how interesting!
    that is amazing that it would make such a difference!
    thanks for the lesson, i will have to look out for these! :)

  23. UPDATE-Eisch needs to give you a wine glass or two-
    Went to Total Wine yesterday and the person had never heard of Eisch. She said she would google it later. Ended up buying two bottles of wine, the one wine REALLy needed the glass.


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