Monday, September 7, 2009

Fields of Mauve

Come, let us run
Through the sweet
Fragrant fields of life
Buoyed by gentle breezes
That always remember
To whisper
The way home.



  1. Beautiful!!! So lovely...and Bonnie, we are on the same page today. After spending some time in my garden inhaling the fragrant scent of my lavender I thought, oh there is something to blog about!!! :)

  2. Stunning! Your words and fields embrace such beauty and joy!

  3. I love each & every one of your posts. I always come away with 'something' make us see beauty, appreciate it and want to share it!

    thank you, Bonnie~
    have a lovely weekend~

  4. Bonnie, this cannot be Canada? Can gorgeous lavender grow so lush as far North as I think you live? I have been cutting my lavender bushes back today (strange, why are there several people handling lavender in some form or other today?), my hand still smell a bit, even after my shower.
    When September comes and I cut off the spent flowers, summer's over.

  5. hi bonnie - my mum was at a lavender farm a few weeks ago and i was amazed that she had seen fields that were essentially like this. like friko - i had no idea that this was possible in canada - but friko, it is!!!! lovely post. have a peaceful evening. steven

  6. Beautiful! Oh, how I love these~ Great post!~

  7. beautiful photos & words!
    i would love to run through those lavender fields!
    happy weekend to you! :)

  8. I can smell the lavender Bonnie but what is the second flower?

    A lovely thought...will you run with me...

    Happy days

  9. this is gorgeous...I adore lavender and wish it looked like this for a lot longer than it does, although I am still enjoying it's scent in my garden even tho the buds are brown and dry...beautiful images.

  10. Beautiful lavender field.. I have a dream of having my own lavender field some day...

  11. Photos like that make you think.... wow, if I died right there, all would be well. :c) So gorgeous!

  12. This is an absolutely wonderful post with words and pictures. It is like a fantasy land. I am moved by the beauty of it all.

  13. Photos are absolutely gorgeous! Makes me wish I could paint more than stick people! :)

  14. Lavender!!! my favourite smell.

    And lupines - one of my all time favourite flowers...

    Thanks bonnie.

  15. meet you at the gate ...
    sigh ... beautifully written ... i enjoyed this immensely ...
    thank you,

  16. This is beautiful, Bonnie. I love lavender!


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