Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boardwalk to Being

with me
one step
at a time
on to
a path of
golden beams
of light
we arrive
at pure being

P.S. I am realizing from the comments that some of you think this is my photograph and it is not.  I wish it was!!   It is available on the web and in the public domain. I did not intend to mislead you - thought it was obvious that it could not be mine. I apologize for any confusion.  The words accompanying the image are mine.


  1. Oh MY THAT photo really does take my breath away- beginning with that wonderful Russianesque sky, falling into the stainless steel water and crawling back on the sandy warm golden shore WOW I haven't had an experience like that since...EVER! Amazing shot and YES I will go with you, ANYTIME!WOW!

  2. Hello Bonnie

    this is a stunning shot.

    I like the emergency phone pole, perhaps if you can't rise on the golden beams then you can always phone home like ET and be spirited away...

    Happy days

  3. beautiful words and images to match.

  4. I'm BREATHLESS! Absolutely Divine....really...really...pure bliss!

    Thank you!

    Have a Weekend as Beautiful as your photo and words, Bonnie!

  5. You've convinced me. But it wasn't hard. Beautify image. Scrumptious words. What a lovely lovely blog.

  6. Ohhhh Myyyyyyyyy! is exactly what I said Bonnie, on seeing this magnificent photo...a direct path to the Sun and Pure Being!

  7. I think the photo is WOW and stunning.
    What a sucker I am for the old sky/beach shot
    and this was a winner a winner

  8. I am just sitting here soaking this in Bonnie. My, but it's just beyond words. What a stunning photo. Do you have prints of it for sale? I'd dearly LOVE to see this in front of me each day. Wow. Just wow.

  9. hi bonnie - i love the feel of slatboard walks like that on my feet. but the sand's there also. a lovely find of a photograph!!! have a peaceful walk - one step at a time - steven

  10. Seems like your Boardwalk to Being has brought along a number of passengers! What a comfort to know that you are a conveyance of peace for so many. And, it seems, each time I check back here your follower count increases. What a surprise. You are the Pied Piper of Self-Awareness and Peace.


  11. Lovely photograph...but your words are really the draw for me. Beautiful.

  12. The words. . . oh my, the words. Perfectly paired with the photo you found.

  13. OMG, and I am not given to saying that a lot!
    Stunning, breathtaking.
    I opened your site just now and cried out in admiration. The picture may not be yours but you chose it and you wrote the words to go with it.

    I want to keep these words close to me.

  14. It may not be yours, but it is stunning all the same. The words you attached to it somehow make it yours.

  15. i'm coming along with you, bonnie ... thanks for the invite ... your lovely, peaceful words ... and the image so perfectly pulls one in ...
    feeling calm now,
    prairiegirl xo


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