Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Re-Member Me

I have noticed a tendancy here in "blogdom" to put our best foot forward in most of our posts. I must include myself in that group. However, for you to truly get an understanding of who I am, I thought I would just roll up my sleeves, flex my biceps, put my shoulder to the grindstone, dig in my heels, knuckle down, and just let you see how I can occasionally walk, skip and jump on the wild side.

It took some elbow grease to complete this collage (I nearly wore out my little fingers cutting all the images out of old Vogue magazines) and I did not get a thumbs up for all the effort from my family. Some among them actually gave me the cold shoulder, turning on their heel and saying, "Mom that is just creepy". One member of the family put their fist in their mouth to restrain their laughter. My husband asked if I had acquired some sort of new foot fetish to accompany my baby finger fetish.

I would truly give an arm and a leg for just a little positive feedback around here. Giving good feedback is a knee-jerk reaction for me, but I guess I will just have to throw up my hands and surrender to what is - and what is, is that an artist is never appreciated in their own time or family. My family members think only a crazy person could create such a hands-down quirky curiosity . . . and if I don't want to put my foot in my mouth, with objections, I concur.

By the way, the piece is titled, "Re-Member Me". Go ahead - tell me where you stand on this weird piece of work. I will not take it personally. I know you will be critiquing the work and not the poor, little person here on her knees, arms in the air with palms up begging for your approval.

Not. ;-)


  1. This is amazing, love the creativity (:

  2. Giggle Snort...I loooove it!!! I also adored your post - your words were head and shoulders above the rest!! I would give my eye teeth to compare to these delightful words!! Delicious fun!! I am bowing at the knee in appreciation for your elbow grease my dear!!! Wonderful, Sarah

  3. If you squint your eyes and stand 20ft.'s a work of art...I'm teasing Bonnie...I appreciate the placement and shadings of the "members" in the collage.
    Catchy title!


  4. Not in my tastes, but YES - extremely creative. That's the thing that I love about really creative people -- the fact that they come up with ideas that I'd never have thunk up!!

  5. It is a tad creepy - but I'm known to love that kind of thing. The colours and movement remind me of something (someone)... I can't for the life of me put my finger on it though...

  6. hi bonnie, the first thought that came out of my head was "look at that huge collection of great legs!!" which led me to think a few things (a couple of which i'll share here but not all!!!) along the lines of - perhaps there's a statement being made here about the the manner in which women (and men i might add) are trivialized in the fashion media. what matters? well great legs, toned arms, pretty or handsome faces and bodies. no mention of mind or soul. you're on your own there apparently subject to the crapshoot that is life as a human.
    stepping back from that i love the flying here flying there feeling of all those arms and legs dancing and flailing around.
    bonnie i'd be intrigued to read what that work says to you.
    art analysis session is over. have a peaceful day! steven

  7. For me Bonnie I love it.

    I find it very real and very grounded.

    The darker colours in the sky and the ground made it feel natural to me. Just like it would be with everything going on between the heavens and the earth.

    I think it is powerful.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. Very, Very creative. It even reminds me of something that Picasso would do. Sounds and looks like you had lots of fun doing this. That is the main thing. You inspire me to once again to dabble in the arts. Thank you.

  9. Sarah: I love how you dive right into the spirit of the post. It makes me snort and giggle too!

  10. Wanda: Yes, 20 or maybe 40 feet! I think the title is the best part of the whole, crazy thing.

  11. Sandy aka Doris the Great:

    Sometimes I think it's just a matter of giving yourself permission to cut loose, be silly, be outrageous, have fun -- all of that fosters creativity. Thanks for commenting!!

  12. Jazz: You got it! Creepy and designed for your amusement.

  13. Steven:

    Okay - you made me do it. Think more deeply about this piece. You are such a little devil!

    There are many layers in this piece. When I started I was consciously aware that I was frustrated with my artistic endeavors and if I could not be good - well, damnit, I'd be terrible.

    Another obvious layer has to do with what you talk about - society's imperative to be young and beautiful. So, at my age, there is some concern manifested in that work with aging and the loss of youthful, manufactured beauty. Perhaps a statement that culture does not see us as whole, complex individuals - but rather as expendable parts . . . However, I was not thinking anything like or trying to make a statement as I did it.

    Deeper yet - as a child I had a recurring dream about getting into a car with an adult friend of the family - but the next time I looked over at him he was no one I knew. He took me and put my leg over a log and chopped it off. (you asked!)
    It was about this time that my father disappeared out of my life forever. And I think that is what the loss of the body member represented.

    Later, I lost all of my family and relations when I chose to leave the religion in which they were all "members". So I was, in effect, "cut off" from all family members. So perhaps on the deepest level this seemingly amusing and outrageous piece of work symbolizes my desire to put my ripped-apart family back together. However, I operate under no illusions that that will ever happen - as I would never re-join that religion and give up my freedom to be joyfully, wildly outrageous.

    Well, thank you, Steven. I purposely do not analyze my own work (usually) as it would make me too self-conscious and pull me out of any creative mode I am in. But since you asked, I did the exercise and discovered things about this piece of which I was so far unaware. Guess I won't pitch it after all!

  14. hi bonnie - i'm not sure what to say. i feel a little awkward now when i see that what i asked you to think about had so much to it. so much. the depths of association and connection you've shared here are powerful and telling features of your life. i think that anything created has the same import as dreams in the sense that it's a signpost to a deep mapping of something that needs to speak with you and hear you. you can see how this piece - with its surface beauty and intrigue carries depth beyond all imagining. thanks for your bravery and truthfulness here bonnie! you're an incredible person and i'm glad that i get to meet you here and at my place!!!! steven

  15. Absolutely incredible Bonnie - I have been trying to collage for the last few weeks and am finding it so hard - this is just way out of my class - superb stuff.

  16. steven: Don't feel awkward. I had the choice as to how much or whether to disclose anything. I am able to disclose because these things are not raw or unresolved within anymore. It took many years of work and grief over the losses - but I am there - for the most part at peace with what is and what was. I have with my DH created a beautiful new family that fills all the spaces in my heart.

    I did not consider your question at all intrusive. It is this kind of open, honest conversation that I am hoping to find when I blog. So - thank you!

  17. Weaver of Grass: Are we looking at the same piece? This could not possibly be out of the scope of your talents and abilities. I refuse to believe it! :)

  18. Dearest Bonnie,

    Holding to a position
    Expressive disposition.

    APOGEE Poet

  19. I like it. It reminds me of something out of the 1960's, I don't know why. The eclectic view of arms and legs is very surreal. Nice work.

  20. Sometimes we take everything apart so we can put it back together....
    Your work reminds me of the fairy tale,
    "Fletcher's Bride".
    I think at a certain point in life we gather together the parts of ourselves we put aside. Once we find our parts we are able to express the "new" self, the re-membered self. Great title of your piece...
    I love collages...they allow for a abandonment of self and an opening to create. Later we can figure it all out. In the moment of creation we are free to be...Thank you for the inspiration.

  21. Rose Marie: If I could only have you write all the text to accompany my images!!! Thank you.

  22. Sherry from Q: You express it beautifully. That really describes much of my process.

  23. Bonnie,
    I really like it. It invites interpretation. It's bold and unapologetic and fun. And hearing your interpretation of it really moved me. And, as always happens when you hear the origins of art, it colored the emotions I felt as I looked at it. Brave sharing. Thanks! Hugs!

  24. Barbara:

    Thank you so much. I published this to be a sort of "comic relief" post, but we see what can happen through connection, questions, exploration and conversation. It allowed me to explore the piece at much deeper levels and discover things I certainly knew about - but had not connected to the work. So just as artwork (and writing) can go in directions we did not imagine at first - apparently so too with our posts!!! How exciting.

  25. Hello Bonnie

    I could do with a new you have one spare...

    Happy days


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