Monday, August 3, 2009

Quan Yin, Goddess of Infinite Mercy and Compassion

A big thank you to Margaret from her blog at for choosing Quan Yin as a goddess for my daughter and myself. (You can read more about us by viewing my previous post entitled "Cancer - My Daughter - What?")

Quan Yin has been a favorite symbol of mine for a long time. She is the goddess of infinite mercy and compassion. She is said to be the bodhisattva who sprang from one of the Buddha's tears. She provides the blessings of children, long life and health and is most particularly a protector of women. Kuan Yin or Quan Yin is a symbol of the unlimited compassion each of us can have for ourselves. No matter what the situation, Quan Yin reminds us it is possible to treat ourselves with mercy and love.

Thank you Margaret for your kindness. Fellow bloggers, visit Margaret and see if she has a description of the goddess that fits your particular need.


  1. Bonnie,
    This post is sooo roomie and I were just discussing Buddhism and other religions and the differences. We touched on lots of beliefs and whether or not there are multiple gods or just one or if there are also goddesses....she is going through some stuff right now and questioning herself alot and I just happened to pull up my blogroll and there you were...sharing with us about Quan Yin and her compassion...roomie is now on a search for all things Quan Yin!


  2. i have that a very similar quan yin statue in my garden. i love the photo you posted. it's just beautiful & peaceful. what a lovely grotto.

  3. "who sprang from one of the Buddha's tears" And so the transformation... symbolizing beautifully the healing granted... and here be it proclaimed complete. Blessings for the GOOD.

  4. She has been a favorite of mine for a long time also...Sarh

  5. hi bonnie, that is an absolutely beautiful photo that breathes compassion, care, and hopeful serenity. have a peaceful day. steven

  6. I have Quan Yin's around my house because compassion is something I pray to have, and don't always have. I love her. I love your smear photos, as a photographer, I have also come to love some of the many anomolies of digital photography, and found that a few things can be duplicated, but the occasional miracle is so beautiful. Thanks for posting them!

    Also, I picked up the Sarno book and am reading it. I thank you so much for that.

  7. I have seen Quin Yin photo, but never knew the meaning behind her greatness. I really do enjoy coming to your blog. I always learn something new. As matter of fact, I did buy the book by Dr. Sarno. Thanks for sharing.

  8. An Open Heart:

    Well, how timely. Hope your roomie finds what she is looking for in the symbol of Quan Yin.


    These statues really do confer a peaceful mood on their surroundings.

  10. Steven:

    Thank you - it is a serene and peaceful day - hope yours is too.

  11. Catvibe:

    Thank you for all the affirmation. Glad to hear you got the Sarno book. Let me know if you try out his method and how it goes.

  12. Choices:

    Another Sarno book purchaser - I'll have to contact him about getting a commission! I'm so glad you visit - I'll try to post as much usable and valuable info as I can.


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