Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Pleasures, Perils and Responsibilities of Blogging

I would like to adjust Longfellow's words, just a little (forgive me Longfellow):

If we could read the secret history

of our fellow bloggers, we should find in

each person's life, sorrow and

suffering enough to dismantle all barriers.

On 23/8 the post here"Unknown Endings" produced a lively discussion of the hopes, risks, ennuis, satisfactions and inherent responsibilities of blogging.

Delwyn, apart from her initial insightful comments, left a summary of what others had said in their comments. I suggested the material was so good she should post the summary, and she has done just that today. I hope you will go to her site (click here) read her post and continue the discussion or add new input if you missed the first go-round here.

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  1. Hi Bonnie

    I like your take on the quote Bonnie. Suffering really is a common denominator of all people and when we share that suffering we join and connect with our fellow man and we lighten the load...

    Happy days

  2. great quote - award for you at mine :-)

  3. This post reminds me of what I tell myself and others quite frequently -- never judge anyone else, do not react to someone else in a negative manner because you cannot know someone else's story or where they have been, what has happened. It does make a difference.

    Off to check out Delwyn as I haven't been there yet today.

  4. Yes Bonnie there is more to this blogging thing than meets the eye, isn't there. I shall go now and read that summary. Hope your wound is healing well.

  5. thank you for hosting the 'why blog' blog. I've been over to Delwyn, her summary is very helpful.
    This is something I will have to sort out for myself too, blogging is becoming quite time-consuming and there has to be a reason for the addiction.
    Your quote is very thought-provoking, do we tell each other enough of our secret history to dismantle barriers? Don't know yet.

  6. I just left Delwyn's blog, and here you are with an incredible quote!

    This is something that I wish more people would take to heart. So many people rush to judge others. And with blogging, we are judged, and quickly accepted or dismissed, by what we choose to show on our blogs. We are so much more than we show to the world, and beneath the surface we have much more in common than we know.

  7. Very thought provoking... I think we are more similar than dissimilar even though on the surface we appear so different at times! Must go check Delwyn's now, I am intrigued.

    Loved your take on the quote, but also have to tell you I love the colors on your canvas behind the quote!! Beautiful work!

  8. Delwyn:

    You provide another reason we blog - to lighten the load - for ourselves and others.

  9. An interesting continuation of your discussion. I added my two cents worth at Delwyn's blog.

    As a good friend would.

  10. Val:

    Thank you - I'll be popping over to check it out!

  11. Sherry Lee:

    Me too. Know that each of us carries burdens - and one simple gift we can give is to not judge.

  12. Weaver of Grass:

    Yes, it is a more complicated, interesting world than I ever expected.

    Had my stitches out this a.m. and everything is healing well . . . except my darn cough!

  13. Friko:

    I think the key word in the quote is "if". We just need to know in a general sense that we all have struggles and to treat others as we would like to be treated. I did not mean to imply we have to divulge all our pain and suffering all the time. That would be too much and inappropriate.

    I love how you call it the "why blog, blog". LOL
    And I find, as you say, that this is becoming too time-consuming and part of my challenge now, is to figure out how to continue and not get consumed by it.

  14. Angela:

    What an important point: "we are so much more than we show to the world". No blog can truly reveal all of who anyone is. And therein lies the mystery and perhaps the attraction.

  15. Vicky:

    I'm glad you are enjoying the discussion.

    The background of the quote is a close-up portion of one of my acrylic paintings. I'm glad you noticed - and thank you.

  16. Irresistible! I'm going there now. Beautiful choice of quote.

  17. Titus:

    So glad you enjoyed the quote - I know you will love what Delwyn has to say.

  18. Thank you for sparking this wonderful conversation. Blogging is life-changing, and life-affirming in so many ways. I love your blog, BTW!

  19. I blog because I I blog to fine tune my writing. Blogging provides discipline for me.


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