Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Porthole View of the Mountain

This is the little porthole through which, in summer, we get to view the nearby mountain. We call it a "mountain" here in the NorthEast, but it would hardly qualify as such to those of you who hail from Rocky Mountain territory. But it is our mountain - with both rocky and tree-covered faces. There are many hiking trails right up to several different points on the summits. Half way up one trail, there is a beautiful calm, usually ripple-free lake, fed by a spring, which sources many of the mountain streams that make their way down to the bigger river below.

This shot was taken as the sun set, bathing the rocky face, on this summer's eve, in gold. This little window between the trees is our only view of the mountain for the moment. Last year we had a very bad hail storm in June (2008). The winds were vicious and hail the size of golf balls pelted down on everything. My car was left with huge poc marks dotting its entire surface. Plants and flowers took a terrible beating. We had just put in our annuals about 3 weeks before. It was a discouraging sight. Every upright plant had been pummeled and we could hardly see the lawns for all the branches, twigs, and leaves that had fallen.

Branches were ripped off and scattered everywhere. It took a couple of days to clean up. I give you this background, because nature in its wonder compensates for destruction like this by sending out 2 or 3 branches for every one knocked off in the hail storm. The result this year is that we have more foliage than ever on our already wooded acre. It feels very different here due to this - more closed in than we have experienced before. Of course, this summer of rain has only served to increase the lush, low canopy under which we, and the wildlife we share this land with, live. The other result is that this is now our only little window through which to view our beloved mountain. When the leaves fall in Autumn, once again we will enjoy a view of the entire mountain in its splendor. It is beautiful in Winter, covered in ice and snow. Sunsets on the ice and snow, reflect in mauves and pinks that won't let you look away.

Here clouds command the view and cover the summit of the mountain. The frame of foliage adds to the beauty of these cumulus clouds. The tree in the bottom forefront is a sumac with its pointed red seed pods that entice hungry birds. So this, dear blogging friends, is a part of the view from my front porch where I spend many a happy hour.


  1. hello bonnie - a beautiful view through the window frame of the trees. i love hills and wish i was nearer to hills like the laurentians. i'll settle for the drumlin fields around me. have a peaceful evening. steven

  2. A mountain! A mountain! Thank you so much for this post. Staying here in sans-terrain-Quebecois is making me miss the topography. You are living in blessed and sacred country, indeed.



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