Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Girls on a Summer's Day

This is my eldest grandaughter all dressed up on a summer's day because I've brought a friend over to take pictures. "Ooops dropped my apple - should I eat it anyway?"

Sisters: the oldest always telling the younger what to do - "Come on, let's go to the swings!!!"; the younger always doing exactly what she wants for as long as she wants.

Those tippy toes must be getting very sore. "How far down is it to the water?" "Don't really know - I'm just enjoying my slightly dirty apple."

Eldest off for a stroll on a summer's day. "Ahhh, free at last. My sister is nice, but sometimes a girl just needs some alone time."

"Oh, fiddlesticks. Can never get away from that little one - she follows me everywhere. I'll pretend I don't mind, but I'm speeding up and I'll lose her soon. I'll hide if I have to . . . ."

"Can't find my big sister, I'll just wait on this little foot bridge and practice standing on point. Big sister . . . are you hiding under the bridge?"

"Well, she's not down here on this side either. Hmmmm, too many places for her to hide. I don't like this game "hide and seek" - I'm always looking and never finding."

"Hi there, little bug. Can't find my sister, will you be my friend? Oops didn't mean to pinch you. "

All of the above pictures taken by Marilyn Gherashe, friend and photographer. She came especially to take photographs of these two special little people in my life. Marilyn wanted to take candid shots and she succeeded. I also want to keep the children's identity private, so had to hunt for pics among them that do not reveal their features. There were many taken by Marilyn that capture beautifully those dear little faces, but they are not for the internet.


  1. Beautiful. Everything...the girls, the setting and the quality of the photos. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful I love the no close face shots.

  3. A perfect day! Beautiful setting and lovely granddaughters. The photography is wonderful!

  4. Gorgeous! Love all the photos!

  5. hello bonnie, i loved the little boy thing and even the older boy thing but there's something very "other" and special about the little girl and older girl thing that i really enjoy. i love my daughter's world because it is filled with so many of the magical and unique experiences you share here. these are beautiful pictures and the text is loving and a gift that i hope they can share with you and certainly when they're much older, they can look back at this and trust me - they'll be deepfully grateful (in-between laughs!!) have a lovely evening. steven

  6. Lovely photos to treasure, Bonnie. My daughter so wanted a little girl but had three boys, so Nana doesn't get to sew pretty dresses. Our three boys are wonderful; 17, 15 and 8.

  7. I wanted to come and admire Jill's design work on your blog, but then also became captivated by your sweet grandaughters! What lovely photos! I'll be back to visit again :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sandra,
    Together We Save,

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving such sweet comments. They are sweet children who are kind, sensitive, loving, funny, intelligent and creative, and surprise, surprise, I adore them.

    They were wearing cute dresses and hats that day, but that is not their normal gear. Next pics will be shorts and t-shirts.

  9. Even with faces obscured, I can still tell they are very beautiful. These photos bring to mind Henry James' words: "Summer afternoon, summer afternoon, the most beautiful words in the English language."

    PS - I had three kids always following after me - two little brothers and the littlest, my baby sister.

  10. Bonnie, your granddaughters are gorgeous!!! Looks like Nana's house would be a wonderful place for little ones to play. :)

  11. Reminds me of some precious days, not so very long ago, when my own two daughters were that age. Now both are married with children of their own.

    Come to think of it, that was quite a few years ago. But the memories are still vivid.

  12. Julie: Thanks for dropping in. So you know the feeling of being followed everywhere!

    Sneaky Momma: Yes, little ones and all we big ones have a great time here. Our kids love to come here.

    Barry: Thanks for dropping by. I am looking forward to following your blog - it looks very interesting. Hope you come back again soon.

  13. What wonderful photos and such beautiful girls. I know you didn't want to show their faces, but the naturalness of these is superb...I really love the last one. Sometimes, the best pictures are those that evoke total emotion without a face. You are very lucky to have two dolls that follow each other!

  14. Ooo, Bonnie~ these are beautiful photos...sweet their dresses and hats...:) sweet sentiments as well.

    lovely share~

  15. how do you keep their hats on them?

  16. Oh, you made my day. Such lovely photos.

    The privilege of looking in on the world of young children (and hopefully sweetening it with elder wonder) is why I love teaching. Now I can't wait for school to start.

  17. Hi Bonnie

    what beautiful candid photos and what a setting for them...

    thanks for a splash of childhood...

    Happy days

  18. Wanda: Thank you.

    Alicia: Photos are intriguing with no faces.

    Jayne: Thank you.

    Calli: Thank you.

    Just Jules: I remember wondering that too when my daughter put them on. I think that manufacturer makes them deep enough that they hug the whole head and stay on. You can see the little one, bending over all the time, and it does not fall off. Go figure.

    Dan Gurney: I so agree. Children just pull you in and captivate you - for so many reasons.

    Delwyn: Your welcome.

  19. Beautiful happy children. I love the dresses and hats!! And seeing these two reminds me of me and my little sister...she'd tag along when I didn't want her; but when I wanted her to do something, she wanted to do her own thing. Typical! :)


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