Saturday, August 8, 2009

. . . let's play . . .

It's Saturday! Let's have a little fun.

If you choose (and I hope you do) leave a comment saying what you imagine is happening in the scene/image below. What do you see? What do you imagine you hear? How do you feel when you look at the image? What do you imagine just happened? What do you imagine is going to happen next? Just share your take or spin on what you see and we can all have a little fun reading each other's interpretations of this mixed-media painting of mine. (There is no way to do this "wrong". What you see/imagine is what you see and just as valid as what anyone else sees. And there are no grades or judgments for this exercise! Just have fun!)


  1. The dark colors immediately made me think of Africa or the Middle East. A market scene, and the colors are those that are found there. We don't do anything so elaborate or colorful in the West. I know...Indonesia. I can hear the gamelan sounds as I write this.


  2. I see a small sibling idolizing their older brother, who wishes the child would go away and leave him alone. The children's mother is explaining the importance of being an 'older' brother while the grandmother turns her back to smile, remembering a time long ago when she had a similar conversation with her daughter, the boy's mother.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful painting. Isn't it great that all our minds are different?

  3. At first look, I see three women going somewhere that the son of the woman on the right is begging to go as well.

  4. the woman on the right has just opened her front door to find 2 adults and a child...."hello, we'd like to give you a copy of our watchtower"...

  5. "Ah mom, do I have to stay home and babysit him again? I never get to play with my friends any more!"

  6. I see a stern person on the left standing firm with her back turned not wanting to be part of the scene behind her...and I see a small pleading child...possibly saying goodbye to the figure on the far right, that appears slightly slumped, maybe sad...the lady in the middle is just the middle, a mediator, there to help. I think the purple represents passion and feelings...

  7. a man and a woman - older - perhaps grandparents. standing with their son who is accompanied by his own son.

    the boy, tugging on his father's hand "tell them tell them".
    the grandparents wondering inside their heads:
    he; "i never held my father's hand".
    she; "he's so much like his father at that age. how annoying that must be!"
    the adult son: "i love them, but why can't they be more accepting of change?"

  8. Three friends are talking when a child of one of them needs mom's attention. I feel warmth, love, and happiness in this creation. :c)

  9. I see a young pregnant mother dropping her son off to the day care centre. The 2 other older ladies are the day care workers. The young boy doesn't want to go and is looking to his mother for reassurance but she has to go to work. She will tell him she will be back in a few hours after he has a play with the other children. She will turn and walk away. The 2 other ladies will take his hand an lead him gently into the day care room where they will comfort the crying boy for 5 minutes before he goes to the mat and plays cars with another boy.

  10. I see two people with a child between them talking, while another, for some reason I don't know is turning her back on them...

    Now let me go see what others have seaid.

  11. I wrote a lengthy response to this post yesterday Bonnie but it didn't seem to make it...

    It was a thought provoking exercise...

    Are you going to tell us what you see?

    Happy days

  12. Thank you each and every one! It was fun for me to read what you see in the painting. Delwyn, I am sorry your response was missed - it must be floating out in the ether somewhere. Perhaps it will still find its way here.

    I simply see four generations of women in my family. My mother, me, my daugher, and my daughter's daughter. I see my mother standing apart - not as engaged as I would like her to be. There are reasons for that - which I have not shared yet in this blog - perhaps soon.

    This piece is called "Shades" for obvious reasons and because shades is another word for ghostly apparitions - and these figures have a ghostly - other worldly appearance for me.

    Thanks again for coming over to play.


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