Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come Meander Down This Path With Me

If you could meander down this path for an hour let's say, with a person you either truly admire, would like to get to know a little better, or are simply curious about, who would it be?

I would love to bring John O'Donahue back from the dead to spend a while with him - to just hear the music of his words - the purr of his Celtic brogue. John wrote Anam Cara and Beauty: The Invisible Embrace. His thoughts and words entrance me. He left too soon.

Another choice I could make, for today (because it might be someone else tomorrow) would be, Byron Katie, originator of the 4 questions for self-inquiry and writer of several books, two of which are: Loving What Is and A Thousand Names for Joy. I would like to experience her radiant, calm, accepting energy.

Another is Irvin D. Yalom, M.D. as I so admire his work. I have read his book Existential Psychotherapy several times. He has also written a book about several of his most interesting cases which is called Love's Executioner an interesting read for everyone. Yalom also writes novels, the best of which in my opinion is When Neitzsche Wept.

Richard Dawkins author of The Selfish Gene and The GOD Delusion would also interest me if I wanted a stimulating, provocative discussion.

However, this exquisite path looks like it deserves a respectful, reverent silence so maybe it would simply be my own company that I would seek.

And you? Whose company would you seek if you could have an hour or two alone to stroll and converse surrounded by the beauty in the above image? Would you seek out an ancient master, a great muscian, a world leader, a religious leader, a lost family member, a great thinker, an old school chum, an explorer, a famous scoundrel? Who?


  1. Great question, and gorgeous photo. Just looking at it brings so much to the surface.
    An hour with St. Augustine, the tortured Bishop of Hippo, is the first person to come to mind. Michael Hedges, the New Age guitarist, now departed (I listened to him while I read Confessions). And this just came to me for some strange reason - I would like an hour with Richard Nixon. I can't think of another person who understood both failure and success in so much stark contrast. He was a good writer. I wonder how he would handle an hour in the woods?

  2. Bonnie,
    It would be so hard to pick just one. Since I'm on this Spiritual quest, it would be easy to say Jesus or Buddha, but, I would love to hang out with my grandparents again....after they died, especially since my grandmother just left, I've had soooo many questions about them, their lives and about all of the things I found amongst their belongings after my grandmother passed. There are too many musicians to pick from, but, for sure, Willie Nelson and as for artists, Michaelangelo or DaVinci.......and, YOU! I would love to spend a couple of hours with you and my camera on that path.....


  3. Expat:

    What interesting choices. I knew this was going to happen!! I would read others' choices and think - oh, I would love to stroll with that person too . . . St. Augustine . . ! Richard Nixon! Sorry that I don't know Michael Hedges - maybe you will post about him one day.

  4. Open Heart:

    Yes, grandparents - great grandparents - all the questions that are left unanswered. I would like that too. Michaelangelo - boy that would require more than an hour! ;)

  5. An Open Heart:

    How could I have forgotten to thank you for saying me! You're very kind, but after Da Vinci I could only disappoint.

  6. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, this beautiful stroll would include my mother, that died at age 27, from breast cancer. I was only six, so I have many questions, and much to tell her.

  7. Nancy:

    What a walk that would be. I'm sorry your mother lost her life at such a young age, and that you lost your mother at such a young age. Such a loss.

  8. I would choose my mother as well, who also died of breast cancer twenty-two years ago. She was too young and I have so many things left to show her and say to her. Yes, it would be her.

  9. Bonnie, Also, I love that you've put this picture (of this beautiful path) in my head and now when I think of her, maybe we will stroll down this path, even silently for a while. Thanks.

  10. Hmmm it's funny to post after my sister..I was thinking of Mom too, just to walk and see her face again would be wonderful. I was also thinking of our Grandmother. I was not able to get to know her..I would love to walk with her.
    Out in the world..Maya Angelou..I would love to hear what she might say to me. Perhaps Sister Theresa would offer up some piece of herself on such a wonderful path. Wonderful strong women all of them.
    If its ok..I would also like to walk down that Spanish Moss covered path with my sisters. How wonderful that would be!!!
    Namaste. Sarah

  11. Barbara:

    What a healing walk that could be - if only in your imagination!

    They say the mind cannot tell the difference between a really well-imagined experience and a real one. E.G. if you imagine sucking on a lemon - it will usually make your mouth water - there is no lemon there - but you produce a physical response to what you imagine. This is what dreams do to us too - they often produce a physical response to only an imagined scenario.

    All that to say, for your body/mind a really vividly imagined walk or talk with your mother could be perceived by your body/mind as real - and produce some lovely healing effects.

    Let me know if you try it and if it works for you.

  12. Sarah:

    Again - really inspiring selections. Of course you can walk with your sisters! It's your walk, it's your choice(s). Enjoy. It's such an alluring photo it is easy to slide right into it.

  13. My mother. There is so much she told me that I did not listen to or have forgotten. There was so much unsaid, which was understood.
    There is so much to apologize for. So much I tried to do.

  14. Hi Bonnie

    What I find interesting here is that most people have chosen family members...isn't that saying something about connections ...

    I looked at that lovely path and selfishly thought I don't want to walk with anyone, I want to walk alone... by myself...
    and then I thought, go on..play the game and I chose you Bonnie...to get to know better...that would be a lovely stroll...

    Happy days

  15. Jenn:

    As Delwyn says, it is touching to see how many of us would choose a departed loved one. Really does demonstrate how precious and time-bound those connections are.

  16. Delwyn:

    I had the same instinct to want to enjoy that beautiful place in silence and gratitude.

    Ahhh - how sweet to choose me. I would find that delightful. Let's meet there Sat. at 10:00.

  17. Based on where I am today, I'd pick my beloved dog who recently passed... a gentle spirit for a serene and beautiful setting!

    But on another day? Freud, or Jung. Jesus, or maybe Eckhart Tolle.

    Very intriguing ideas to think about, thanks Bonnie!

  18. I think I would explore this path alone with only my camera for company. I would then get to know the track by stopping often and exploring all it's detail and beauty.

  19. I'd walk the path alone... And if I'm not in the mood to do it alone, I'd quite like to walk it with you. It would make for interesting conversation I think.

  20. You have a lot of insightful articles on your interesting blog. If I could walk down this beautiful path with anyone it would have to be God whoever they are. Thanks for following my blog

  21. What a challenging question. At first I thought of famous people but then after reading the comments I thought they were right, family is more important. I would love to talk to my Armenian paternal grandfather who I never met and died long ago in Turkey and asked him how was his life and what did he encounter on his path and, mostly, what happened to the rest of the family on which I can’t find any information.


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