Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kneeling to Kiss the Ground

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and
kiss the ground.
Jelaluddin Rumi
13th Century

This is an Annabelle Hydrangea in my garden. She is either heavy from all the water she has had to bear during this rainy summer; or she is weary from the weight of the world bearing down on her delicate blossoms; or she simply wanted to illustrate Rumi's statement that there are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground. I found her pose to be a graceful and humble one that I wanted to share with you. Have a Sunday filled with beauty and grace, in whatever form it manifests for you.

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  1. I always think these beauties look as beautiful went bending down or reaching up. Mine are now in an upright position and facing the sky...until the next onslaught of rains!! Enjoy your Sunday Bonnie!

  2. hi bonnie, that's a beautiful picture that is even more stunning when you click on it and open it up! i love that the little flowers that are usually tucked away underneath get a chance to kiss the sun as those nearest to the ground give thanks. thanks for this exquisite beginning to the day! steven

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    I came across your blog at Rose Marie's and Wanda's First of all the flower is simply beautiful even when it is down. Flowers are beautiful no matter what. I also read your article on Dr. Sarno. I found it very fascinating and informative. As your whole blog is. I'm glad I stopped by. I will be back. Also, I do plan on getting the book.

  4. Hi Bonnie. I'm so happy to meet you. Your photography and words are exquisite. And you like Rumi too!

  5. Beautiful enlarged...makes me think CLEAN for some reason!

  6. What a lovely idea Bonnie - and a lovely photograph. I thought only The Pope kissed the ground - but I now see the phrase in a new light thanks to you.

  7. I love this, Bonnie. Great job resizing the pic. Beautiful. :)

  8. Thank you!

    Sherry Lee
    The Weaver of Grass

    for your reflections on the post. I am sorry you saw it during the period it was up without Rumi's beautiful quotation. Je suis dans la lune! Translation: I'm on the moon, or not in my right mind! Anyway, forgot the quote for a while - then something clicked in to remind me.

  9. Beautiful and powerful post! Have an Awesome Sunday!

  10. Oh, please, Bonnie, do pick her up. She is too beautiful to bow her head.

  11. Humility as a strength - beautifull portrayed - in Rumi's word, in image, in your reflections. Flowers are indeed apt expressions of sensibilities in all their array, their splendor, and their willingingness to give themselves over to us - a consistent bow to humanity.

    Thank you for this shared Sunday. So appreciative of your visit to APOGEE Poet. I see that others with whom I have gathered, have come your way. I hold gratitude for our growing interconnecting community of creative and responsive bloggers.

  12. Sneaky Momma:
    Rose Marie:

    Thank you (all 3) for dropping by and for commenting on the post. So kind.


    You are right. She was picked up immediately after the shot. She kissed the ground, and then stood tall again (with a little support from her friends).

  13. Hi Bonnie

    That is a beautiful quote to live by...we can live a life of praise and worship in all of our activities...

    I love hydrangeas too - childhood memories of home...That 'home' always stays paramount doesn't it...a reference point for good if we are lucky...for safety and shelter...

    Happy days


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