Monday, August 31, 2009

ask your heart

Go to your bosom
Knock there,
And ask
Your Heart
What it doth know

William Shakespeare Posted by Picasa


  1. Sometimes my heart has its arms crossed. Foot tapping, impatient. "What took you so long?"

  2. head , hands, and heart!!! steven

  3. Ah, mine never has to's open like a book, though tattered a bit but isn't that the case with all of us.

    Thank you Bonnie~ ...and read that you were not feeling well. I am happy you're feeling better! Bronchitis is so draining. I haven't gotten it in several years, thank goodness.


  4. It's good to incline our minds (e.g. hearts) to gratitude, forgiveness, and joy. After living too much of my young adult life quite numb to my heart I've made it a life's work to be mindful of my heart's needs. Great advice, Bonnie!

  5. My heart knows I'm as happy as I want to be!

  6. Bonnie: Your comment about Erikson got me to thinking again (what else is new). This next post about "Fire" is thanks to your inspiration. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. You remain a beacon...


  7. Lately I've had to ask my brain more than my heart so this is relevant to my life right now.


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