Saturday, August 22, 2009

About to be 100 !!

I am enjoying this blogging adventure.
Have met many talented, interesting, kind people.
I would like to thank everyone who has become a follower,
and all of you who take your precious time to comment
and interact with me.Posted by Picasa
This is quite a learning experience and has
turned out to be much more than I ever anticipated.
I remember just over two months ago when I had
but one follower! Never thought I would get to 100.
So I will be watching closely to see who number 100 is --
I hope it's you!
Number 100 has arrived:
who posts to us from
Istanbul, Turkey
Welcome Turquoise Diaries!


  1. I haven't become an official follower, but I have linked you on my sidebar so I'll see every post. Does that count? I'm sure there are dozens of people like me, not official, but definitely unofficial devotees.

  2. There is such a temptation to join again - just to hit the 100th mark with you! Thank you for being a part of my blogging adventure!! CHEERS!!

  3. 100 is quite a milestone! Congratulations in advance. You have a lovely blog with much beauty and wisdom and depth. It's no wonder so many people like to follow it.

    Sallymandy ♥

  4. Yes Bonnie - it opens up a completely new aspect of life, doesn't it. I love blogland and get such pleasure from reading other blogs and also from others reading mine. Congratulations on reaching 100 - may it soon be 200!

  5. I am already one of your followers, but never mind, just to say Hello, and have a beautiful day.


  6. Blogging is such a blessing, isn't it? Congratulations on approaching 100 Bonnie!

  7. Ever since blogger added this "follower" application it's been interesting to me to see who follows by "adding" to a blog ... but we never know who is following even through a google reader or just by bookmarking. Then there are anonymous followers...and of course those who "lurk" by reading but not leaving comments.

  8. My first follower was my wonderful son. I didn't think there would be more! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations (from one of your followers) :)

  10. Hey its me.... Congrats for your beautiful blog. Wish you many more 100 followers :))

  11. Turquoise Diaries:

    Welcome - so glad you are following and commenting. I, too, love your exciting blog which offers walks through ancient ruins, and glimpses of azure waters. I have added a link to your blog in my post - hope you get some extra visitors.

  12. Thanks so much for the award, Bonnie. I'm not really into them. I like to do shout-outs much of the time. Weaving in neat folks, like Weaver!, who inspire and all.

    I totally forgot, and meant to comment. What with things going on, house repairs (another long story about 15 yrs. of leaking eavestrophe), uncooperative insurance co., the storm, etc., we've been preoccupied.

    But thank you very much. I appreciate the sentiment. You sent some of your fans my way, too! That is great. I shall determine some more suitable thank you soon!

  13. I am catching up as we went to the North Carolina mountains again for a few days. I am not an official follower of many blogs, actually only one, but I list those that I visit regularly on my Google Blog Reader, this way I can tell which ones have new posts and it is very easy to use.


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