Monday, July 13, 2009

tranquil one day ~ turbulent the next

We are blessed to have a beautiful mountain stream that meanders through our land. Last Friday, the 10th it was calm, clear, tranquil as you see in the 1st and 2nd photographs. The water is running about 2 1/2 - 3 feet below the top of the stone walls. However, this spring and summer it seems it rains almost every day (for sure on the weekends!) and Saturday the rains came - in sheets. Scroll down to see how the torrential downpour affected our peaceful little brook.
The photo below shows the brook at approximately the same place as above, after at least a 4 hour enslaught of rain. The water is now running only 6 - 8 inches below some areas of the grass banks. The water has lost its clarity as the force of the descent churns up the sand and earth below, making it look like a murky milkshake.

The brook has been rerouted underground just across the road before it runs onto our land and here in the pic below, it blasts its way out of the huge pipe as it begins to run freely above ground again. The sound of the water emerging from the pipe was incredible. The power, speed, thrust and inevitable movement of the water to go where it must go - mesmerizing.

I know some of you are suffering terribly with heat and drout here in parts of North America. My heart goes out to you. Wish we could make a little exchange - a bit of your sun for a lot of our water! Greetings to all, from the rather wet northeast!


  1. What a beautiful little stream! I really love the little stone bridge. We've had more rain here than in summers past, too. I keep thinking it keeps the fires tamped down, and for that I am grateful.

  2. It's beautiful both peaceful and turbulent. I also love the stone bridge. We could use some of that rain.


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