Monday, July 20, 2009

reteach . . . retell

The bud
stands for all things,
even for those things that don't
for everything flowers,
from within, of
though sometimes it is
to reteach a thing its
to put a hand on the brow
of the flower,
and retell it in words and in
touch, it is lovely
until it flowers again from
of self-blessing . . .
An excerpt from Galway Kinnell's, "St. Francis and The Sow". Hope we all can find a moment today to tell ourselves, "in words and in touch", that we, too, are "lovely".
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  1. hi bonnie, a beautiful post . . . from the picture to the words. in my work as a teacher i find that your suggestion to find time to acknowledge our worth and loveliness underpins so much of what i do inside my teaching because so many kids arrive with so little sense of their own value. each of us is so extraordinary - "the only chance the universe gets to see itself organized as you" is what i tell my kids - and when i look at the extraordinary variety of blogs as a simple starting point, i'm absolutely gobsmacked at the talent and wit and insight and knowledge so carefully planted and nurtured inside so many people!! have lovely day. steven

  2. Thank you Steven - your students are very "lucky" to have a teacher who is so aware and compassionate. I so agree about the talent, insight and compassion to be found in blogs - it was a delightful surprise for me.

    You have the words, "the only chance the universe gets to see itself organized as you", in quotes. Whoever said that needs to be thanked - and I have a feeling it is you!

  3. A beautiful choice today for your post Bonnie. And your hydrangea is beautiful as well. Thank you for this visual and verbal hug today. Just what I needed!

  4. Sherry Lee:

    Thank you. It makes me happy that you caught the hug I sent. :)

  5. Steven:

    I want to ask what it is you teach . . . and can I audit your class?

  6. Bonnie,
    I am lost today and I couldn't even really blog what I was feeling...I came by to see what you were up to and you did helped me step out of the fog....thank you.
    I'd like to go to school where Steven is teaching....and, Hydrangeas are my favorite.
    xoxox S

  7. Flowering from within - what a wonderful concept. Thanks for posting this. And also for your kind comments on my blog page. I will be back again, Bonnie.

    Best to you.


  8. How beautiful Bonnie. I am so behind on my blog reading from the weekend. What a lovely thought to absorb on my Monday evening....

  9. Hello Bonnie

    Lovely words and sentiment...and hydrangeas take me back to my childhood home where they grew on the shady side of the house...

    Happy Days

  10. An Open Heart:

    I'm so glad Kinnell's words proved helpful to you today. So many sweet surprises to be found among these blogs!

  11. expat from hell:

    That's where everything happens, right? Within.
    I love your blog too. Check it out people!

  12. Jayne:

    Glad you found something worth your while here.

  13. Delwyn:

    I love hydrangeas too - all their perfect little parts to compose a perfect whole.
    Delwyn, what is the origin of your name - it is lovely and unique?

  14. Connection and Intent - we weave common threads into the fabric of time called life - today I share the wisdom of the flower with you here and with Monday's post, "Of a Summer Day" on APOGEE Poet.

    Steven, I appreciate your expressed perspectives.

    Best to all!

  15. Just found your reply Bonnie.

    I believe the name is Welsh, and it means messenger of God. I grew up in New Zealand where my Mother heard the name and liked it...
    I named my first daughter Poppy after the flower and our second, who was adopted from Korea as a baby, had been given the name Ae-Ran by her birth mother, which means Love Orchid. I am so glad we retained that name.

    Happy days

  16. Aahhh Delwyn . . . how fitting. Names are so interesting. Have you ever noticed how names can sometimes affect the choices, personality, talents - even careers - of the person who carries the name? Not always, but enough to make it a phenomenon I watch for.

  17. It is paradise! Thanks for sharing it!


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